Monobloc Gearboxes Offer a Neeter Design

The Neeter Drive Range-P bevel gearboxes from Power Jacks offer a quality value engineered gearboxes for low to medium power transmission through ninety degrees. The units are available in two designs, both have common features, which include a compact "monobloc" design and a quality finished casing produced from die cast lightweight aluminium alloy. The units contain the industry proven Gleason spiral bevel gears, which are manufactured from case hardened alloy steel, providing an advanced simultaneous mesh across several adjacent teeth, thereby ensuring smooth evenly distributed, high load transmission.

Available ratios 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1, with power ratings from 0.1 to 7.35kW, torque ratings of 1.5 to 40Nm. The shafts are manufactured from high quality steel and units are fitted with deep groove ball bearings. Optimum performance at continuous full rated power is based upon an input shaft speed of 1400 rpm, this provides a trouble free operating design life of approximately 10,000 hours, however where ratios higher than 1:1 are used as speed increasers the optimum input speed is reduced. High accuracy gear cutting and assembly ensures extremely low operating noise levels even at high running speeds. Backlash in the final gear assembly is held within 15' to 30' of arc. All units are supplied pre-filled with oil and are sealed for life.

The 4000 series units are based upon the common traditionally "T" shaped design and are fully interchangeable with most other manufacturers units of a similar design. Available in 2 way and 3 way shaft arrangements. The units are mounted through three holes, which run through the main body, these integrally cast holes enable mounting from either side of the unit. Alternative mounting is available through the four holes on the flanges located on the same faces as the shafts.

The newer designed 2000 series also utilises the "T" shaped design, but has 4 fixing holes on the main body for greater stability in the mounting of the unit. The units also have the four mounting holes on the flanges as per the 4000 series. As well as the 2 way and 3 way shaft arrangements, the 2000 series also offers part of the range with 4 way shaft arrangements and hollow output shafts. Also unique to this series is the availability of manual disconnection or "reversed rotation" and re-engagement of the output drive shaft. This feature is controlled by hand rotation of a control knob located on one side of the housing to provide 3 positive control positions, these positions are "central position" - the drive output is fully discounted allowing it to idle or free wheel, "left position" - engagement in one direction to provide forward output rotation and "right position" - engagement in the other direction to provide reverse output rotation. Manual engagement and disengagement must only take place when all shafts are at a standstill.

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