Monitoring and Alarming Multiple Incubators

Accsense VersaLog Uses 8 Channels for Multi-Point Monitoring

CHESTERLAND OH – Application Overview:

Recently Accsense VersaLog provided the temperature alarming and monitoring solution for an in vitro fertilization clinic. Staff needed to log temperature on three stacked automatic injection CO2 incubators used for culturing patients' embryos.

The clinic had been using paper chart recorders to monitor humidity and CO2 tank levels but staff wanted to replace their existing setup since it had become costly to get replacement parts. Each incubator has to be maintained at 37°C (98.6°F), and experiences temperature fluctuations from staff opening the doors, so the clinic needed a device with good accuracy to alarm all three units. Since simple monitoring and alarming were the main requirements, the clinic didn't want to purchase an expensive system with more features than they needed.

Installation and Sensors:

The clinic installed an Accsense VersaLog TC Temperature Data Logger, a cost-effective device for real time continual monitoring and alarming. It was easy for a technician to place the logger on a shelf next to the incubators and trail three Type J thermocouples out to the unit's analog inputs.

The Accsense Versalog TC is an 8-channel thermocouple data logger. Its 7 external range-programmable input channels accommodate Type E, N, J, K, and T thermocouples while its onboard thermistor channel monitors ambient temperature. Additionally this standalone recorder has a 16-bit analog-to-digital converter meeting the clinic's need for high-resolution measurement.

Accsense VersaLog data loggers are compact and lightweight with a built-in USB port offering connection to a PC for quick configuration and downloading data. The data logger also has an auxiliary serial port and a large 4MB memory storing up to 2 million measurements. Users store data in non-volatile flash memory for easy retrieval, and for extended operation the internal battery included with the logger has a life of about 10 years. Users can set their own wide-sampling logging rates anywhere from once every 20 milliseconds to once every 12 hours.


In this application users have programmed the datalogger ahead of time to start logging whenever needed. The temperature logger has two configurable alarm thresholds per channel, and the ALARM1 A2/EXT terminal strips have been configured as alarm outputs so that the clinic's alarm buzzer will announce temperature excursions simultaneously with the logger's red alarm LED. The VersaLog can also report its alarm status to a host PC via USB, modem or Ethernet device server.


SiteView software supports configuration, downloading, plotting, analysis and alarm reporting. This intuitive Windows-based application has an easy-to-use graphic interface and supports USB, serial port and Ethernet connections for easy local and remote access. Fast communication speed up to 115200 bps enables quick downloads. Users can zoom in and out and add comments to graphs to provide a detailed view of results.


Accsense VersaLog forms a reliable yet affordable temperature monitoring and alarming solution for the clinic's needs. Easy to setup and use, the logger's 8 channels record at a high resolution, and its large memory enables extended logging—a great value for a lower price than other devices on the market.

Meanwhile the logger's alarm and excitation output warns personnel the moment that any incubator goes outside its critical temperature setting. If the clinic needs to expand their monitoring points, users can utilize multiple VersaLogs for a larger number of channels.

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