Molex Extends Access to its Custom eLearning Online Educational Tool

Customers, distributors can now benefit from Molex education courses

LISLE, IL - September 29, 2010 - Molex Incorporated announced today that the company is making several of its eLearning courses available online to customers, distributors, educators and students interested in learning about electronics concepts, connector technology and applications. The courses are now offered at where users can log on at their convenience and choose from several topics that range from "Basic Connector Engineering" to more specific subject matter such as "RF Connectors and Technology."

"Molex employees have benefitted from these courses for many years and we are now bringing this valuable tool directly to our customers and distributors," said Bill Bossert, manager, eLearning, Molex. "Whether you are an experienced distributor looking for a refresher course or a new employee that needs to quickly get up to speed, Molex's eLearning courses utilize the latest in educational technology to deliver information to users when and how they need it."

Molex's eLearning courses provide an interactive learning experience that can be customized to meet specific needs. For instance, a user can choose to run through a complete course, or pick and choose relevant topics, whether from their computer or mobile device. Because the courses are user-driven, they can be done in small increments or all at one time.

Molex is currently offering the following courses online, with more to be introduced in the coming months:

Connector Foundational Content

o Basic Connector Engineering: Overview of the role of the connector.

o Electrical Engineering Fundamentals: Introduction to basic electrical terms and Ohm's law.

o Power, Signal and I/O Connector Technology: Summary of each product group and key attributes.

General Connector Courses

o Application Tooling Overview: Summary of presses, applications and various resources.

o RF Connectors and Technology: Overview of analog signaling and an array of RF/Microwave products.

o Industrial Connectivity: Review of the application requirements, protocols and Molex products associated with the Brad® connectivity products.

Future eLearning topics will include advanced connector courses that provide detailed information in areas such as power and backplane connectors.

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