Modern Process Equipment (MPE) Announces Promotions

Daniel Ephraim, President, announces the following company promotions at MPE:

Director of Marketing: Lizzie Ephraim is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies and programs to increase sales opportunities and promote the awareness of MPE's new and existing products and services.

Director of Sales: Scott Will is responsible for motivating and leading the internal, and external, MPE sales team and overseeing the company's initiatives to increase company revenue.

Director of Business and Applications Development: Brian Thomas is responsible for acquiring and managing new customer sales and projects as well as developing software and hardware applications that improve the performance of MPE products.

Director of Engineering: Christopher Spatz is responsible for managing all aspects of the MPE engineering team's activities and ensuring that all projects meet requisite design and manufacturing guidelines.

"We are looking forward to continuing our strong growth with the leadership of this team," states Dan Ephraim. MPE is committed to providing their customers with the highest quality products and services and part of that commitment comes from choosing the right people for the right job. With these newly-appointed positions, Mr. Ephraim feels that he has made the correct choices to keep the company moving forward successfully.

About MPE

Modern Process Equipment Corp. (MPE) is the world's leading manufacturer of grinding equipment and related equipment. MPE has been supplying its customers with superior processing solutions for over forty years, earning the reputation as the place to go to maximize product quality through superior grinding. MPE aspires to design and manufacture the most modern, innovative and highest quality equipment with the most responsive, practical and timely service possible.


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