Model 9 Manual Blast System for Surface Preparation

The Guyson Corporation has just completed a custom Model 9 Manual blast system for surface preparation application for electro-deposited composites coatings. This typical application is used in the aviation, automotive and power generation industries and can be applied to aluminum, steel and nickel-based alloys. Typical components can be rolled, forged, extruded or cast.

This Model 9 blast cabinet utilizes a powered turn table/transfer cart for ease of loading, unloading, and blasting parts. The 36” diameter turn table is capable of handling loads of up to 1,000 lbs. and is lined with neoprene to resist abrasive wear. It is also equipped with an extra set of arm holes located higher up on the cabinet to accommodate taller parts.

The cabinet was designed with safety of the operator and the safety those around the machine in mind. The outside area where part load/unload occurs is surrounded by safety walls on two sides and the blast cabinet on one side. Two Zero-Force 800Z touch button switches allow the operator to safely move the cart in and out of the blast cabinet using two hands while the safety fencing provides protection against accidental interference by others. Guyson has designed this table to handle off-center loading while allowing the operator to jog this turn table using a foot pedal switch while it is inside or outside of the blast area. For operator safety, table speed is limited to 5 RPM to keep the operator and the part safe. This function allows the operator to blast a section of a part then rotate as needed while they blast.

In this application, for contamination purposes, media delivery and reclamation utilized a one-time use arrangement. Blast media delivery is provided by the Model 900 suction-feed gun gun, equipped with a 3.0 cubic foot media feed hopper. Once delivered into the equipment, grit is pneumatically reclaimed to the Model 75/12 Cyclone, which deposits spent grit into a 55-gallon waste container. Fine dust will be removed in the cyclone to the Model D-1000 Dust Collector which supplies airflow for the entire system.

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