Misumi Aluminum Extrusions Now Available in Clear and Black Anodized Finishes with a Host of Options

Comprehensive line-up of product options, plus newly reduced shipping times; reinforce Misumi's position as the premier supplier of aluminum extrusions.

April 17, 2009 (Schaumburg, IL) Misumi USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Misumi Corporation, part of Misumi Group, Inc. (Tokyo: 9962) recently announced that it now offers aluminum extrusion profiles in a variety of surface finishes, including Standard Clear Anodized, a Black Anodized finish, and Clear Anodized with a glossy acrylic protective coating. These options, along with Misumi's existing product configuration options, will allow customers to configure aluminum extrusions precisely to their specific applications, thus saving time and costs in their production cycles and reducing time-to-market.

Aluminum extrusions are widely used by industrial, commercial and consumer OEMs to manufacture products ranging from machine bases and robotic jigs and fixtures, to material handling equipment, display and exhibit cases, to equipment enclosures, fences, windows, doors, and more.

Misumi's range of aluminum extrusion finish options include:

o Standard Clear Anodized Finish aluminum extrusions, available in 108 different profiles, offer many more size options than are offered by any other major aluminum extrusions supplier. They are also available in high rigidity profiles, featuring thicker wall designs and A6NO1SS-T5 aluminum, which provides higher structural strength and makes them ideal for use in higher load bearing applications.

o Black Anodized Finish aluminum extrusions offer high aesthetic appeal for many commercial and consumer applications. This finish is also suitable for industrial machine vision applications requiring materials with low reflection rates. Misumi offers a total of 24 profiles in Black Anodized Finish, again a significantly higher number than other suppliers offer.

o Clear Anodized Acrylic-Coated Extrusions are available in a total of 12 of Misumi's popular profiles. The clear, glossy protective coating helps prevent deterioration of the clear anodized finish. This finish is particularly well-suited to applications requiring steamjet washdowns used in processing plants.

In addition, Misumi offers curved aluminum extruded profiles in a selection of sizes and radii of 140, 300 and 500 mm, with matching acrylic panels in Clear and Smoke Brown. With a wide range of machining options and modifications, as well as Misumi's vast array of accessories (e.g. mounting brackets, nuts, screws, etc.), enables users to tailor their aluminum extrusions to their most precise requirements to simplify downstream manufacturing and assembly.

In fact, the depth and breadth of its comprehensive line-up of configurable aluminum extrusions and accessories, coupled with the company's recent move to localized production to reduce shipping times on the most popular profiles, reinforces Misumi's position as a world-leading supplier in this product category.

With no minimum order requirements or set up charges on a product portfolio of more than 500,000 metric and inch mechanical components, Misumi has built its reputation as the premier global supplier of high quality factory automation components. At the heart of the Misumi business model is the unique CAD configurator and web ordering system. This unique business model offers customers an effective strategy for reducing costs and gaining competitive advantage through streamlined production and assembly processes and faster time-to-market.

All pricing information and delivery times are published in the catalog and website. For more information on Misumi's comprehensive selection of Aluminum Extrusions and Accessories, please visit our website at www.misumiusa.com.

About MISUMI USA, Inc.

Located in Schaumburg, Illinois, MISUMI USA, Inc. was established in 1988 as a Subsidiary of Misumi Corporation, a part of the Misumi Group (TOKYO: 9962). MISUMI USA, Inc. is a leading supplier of fixed and configurable components such as single-axis actuators, linear shafts, aluminum extrusions, linear guides, XY stages and other components for factory automation and various machine builds. For a complete list of available components, please visit www.misumiusa.com.



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