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Mirka Products Make Sanding a Faster, Easier, and More Productive Work Phase

Press release date: Dec 12, 2012

Investment in top-quality equipment is the key to any business's success. It not only saves time, it also quickly earns itself back. Multiple award-winning painter and decorator Wayne de Wet from the UK is resolutely in favor of high-end working equipment. He was first introduced to Mirka's virtually dust-free net sanding system at a trade show in London, in 2006. Since then, he has used Mirka products daily in a multitude of sanding jobs - with no looking back.

Wayne de Wet is well known even outside his sector. He also writes actively in various media, tests new equipment, and looks to help fellow industry professionals choose high-quality equipment. His strive for perfection as a painter and decorator has also helped him win various prizes. In 2011 he was awarded Grand Winner Dulux Select Decorator of the year 2011.

- Converting to Mirka's sanding system has not only made my job easier and more enjoyable, it also creates the perfect base for any painting work. If you ask any decorator around the world what is the worst part of decorating, it is usually the preparation stage - that is the filling, sanding, and cleaning part of the project. But with the dust-free sanding system, even preparation work is a pleasure. I actually enjoy sanding now, de Wet laughs.

Spending more time decorating, less time sanding

De Wet is a specialist in hand-painted kitchens and furniture, as well as demanding home decorating projects. In order to meet high quality standards he uses Mirka's CEROS sander, combined with Mirka's wide selection of ABRANET abrasives. He is also a big fan of Mirka's other sanding blocks.

- I have used the CEROS sander and ABRANET for many years to say I like them is an understatement! CEROS can be used for a multitude of sanding jobs and it really does make it much easier, saving time and earning back my investment many times over.

- The system is so light and very easy to use. I use mine mostly for ceilings and walls and large flat areas, flush doors and skirting, it copes very easily with two pack filler, Toupret powder filler and much - much more. Recently I machine sanded with the CEROS a heavy orange peel painted ceiling very easily. And the results where amazing, de Wet adds.

Getting the perfect sanding finish every time

Using Mirka's dust-free net sanding system gives clear advantages over traditional sanding tools.

- For instance, traditional sand paper can sometimes make your fingertips sore and bleed; or you might want to sand down a specific part of a job, but because of the traditional abrasives you will be sanding more than you need and cause damage to the surface.

Even fat edges, caused by paint rolling and building up around a corner, can be handled easily with Mirka's Abranet system, de Wet notes.

- With traditional sand paper you could try to sand this fat edge out, but you might end up sanding the paint off all the way down the edge. With Abranet, you can pinpoint the areas that need to be sanded. The Abranet also cuts through dry paint runs and drips easily, making it less laborious and time-consuming to get a good base for painting.

High-quality equipment pays off fast

As a sole proprietor, de Wet admits it is even more important for him to invest in just the right tools, products, and equipment. By investing in top-quality, highly effective systems you will save time, and if you save time you will make more profit, he says.

- Before I found the Mirka system, at the end of the day I would look like Father Christmas covered in dust. Now I'm not covered in dust - I might have a minuscule amount on me, but I'm not breathing it in, nor is it spreading uncontrollably in my customers' homes. Therefore, cleaning up at the end of the day is also a massively easier job. /ins

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Mirka Ltd is a world leader in abrasives technology innovation, offering a complete range of technically superior, high quality abrasives, supplementary products and complete sanding systems. Mirka has become the natural choice in a wide variety of industry sectors. Mirka's core business areas are automotive refinish (ART), original equipment manufacturing (OEM), construction & decoration as well as the wood and furniture industry.

All of Mirka's products are manufactured in Finland and more than 90% are exported and sold in over 80 countries, including subsidiaries located in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

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