MIOX Selected Again to Treat Cooling Water in NIPSCO Power Gen Plant

NIPSCO adds another system after realizing significant cost savings using MIOX on-site disinfection generators to replace multiple biocides for cooling tower water treatment.

Albuquerque, New Mexico - MIOX Corporation, a leader in safe water disinfection, today announced that it has been selected to supply a RIO M5 on-site mixed oxidant generator to disinfect cooling water in the Unit 14 tower at the R.M. Schahfer Generating Station of Northern Indiana Public Service Co. (NIPSCO), in Wheatfield, Indiana. Midwest representative, EquipSolutions, integral to the order, manages the majority of NIPSCO's chemical feed systems, piping and chemical storage tanks.

In 2010, NIPSCO consolidated its disinfection and biocide strategy for cooling water from three chemicals to one with a MIOX system on one of their four cooling towers. After experiencing enhanced performance and safety - and saving over $150,000 per year in chemical costs on just one of the towers - the gas and electric generation company has added another mid-size system, capable of generating up to 300 lbs/day of chlorine equivalent. MIOX on-site generators use just salt, water and power to generate chemistry on site, on demand.

"It's great to be working with NIPSCO again," said Tom Muilenberg, MIOX senior manager, Industrial Sales. "Collaborating with their chemists and management, we were able to provide a solution that greatly reduced their Legionella counts, increased worker safety by cutting back chemical usage, and saved them a substantial amount of money in operational and chemical costs. I look forward to continuing this relationship."

Paul Schrock, NIPSCO senior chemist, said "Getting two full years of around-the-clock operation and nearly 4,000,000 gallons of mixed oxidant produced on site is quite impressive!"

Currently, NIPSCO'S Unit 14 tower uses sodium hypochlorite, sodium bromide and an algaecide to treat the cooling water - for a total cost of $225,000/year. The MIOX-treated Unit 15 tower has expenses of about $34,000 in salt, $30,000 in electricity, and $2,500 in pleated 5-micron iron filters - for an approximate cost of $66,500/year. The annual savings with the MIOX system amounts to about $158,500 per year. There have been no increased costs for operating and maintaining the MIOX system compared to the previous system.

Eliminating man-hours for scheduling, delivery/unloading, and the separate tanks and containments required for the previous treatment regimen also reduced costs, and the elimination of the risk and handling hazards associated with the pre-MIOX treatment chemicals was a considerable benefit.

To read more details about NIPSCO's success using MIOX, view the case study here.

About Northern Indiana Public Service Co.

NIPSCO, with headquarters in Merrillville, Ind., is one of the seven energy distribution companies of NiSource Inc. (NYSE: NI). With more than 786,000 natural gas customers and 457,000 electric customers across the northern third of Indiana, NIPSCO is the largest natural gas distribution company, and the second largest electric distribution company, in the state. NiSource distribution companies serve 3.8 million natural gas and electric customers primarily in seven states.

About EquipSolutions

EquipSolutions, located in Itasca, IL, is centered on providing innovative equipment designs and multidisciplinary field service to water treatment professionals over a broad spectrum of applications and markets. They offer a nimble approach to supplying custom engineered dosing and control systems and packaged treatment stations which are supported with field services such as installation and commissioning along with on-demand and contract maintenance.

About MIOX Corporation

MIOX Corporation is focused on solving one of the world's most pressing issues: the need for affordable, safe, and healthy water. MIOX's patented water disinfection technology replaces the need to purchase, transport and store dangerous chemicals. MIOX is used in over 30 countries and in hundreds of communities across the U.S. for public drinking water systems, water reuse projects, and a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

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