MIOX Honored with Water Management Company of the Year in the Southwest and Midcontinent Oil & Gas Awards

MIOX received the award for Water Management Company of the Year at the Southwest and Midcontinent Oil and Gas Awards on Thursday, October 15, 2015. The annual Southwest and Midcontinent gala ceremony was held in Dallas, TX, where hundreds of oil and gas executives gathered together to celebrate Operational Excellence, Innovation, Health Safety and Environmental Leadership.

The Water Management Company of the Year Award recognizes companies who have demonstrated reliability and gone the extra mile to exceed customer expectations with their solutions. MIOX scored highest in the category with such remarks from the judges as:

“Low cost solution with broad application to resource development.”

“MIOX presented a practical, cost-effective solution for treating produced and flowback water using an adaptation of established technologies utilized in their Mixed Oxidant Solution process. They provided case studies that support the application of the technology. Additionally, the process is much safer to use in the field compared to other processes.”

About the Oil & Gas Awards

The Oil & Gas Awards recognize the outstanding achievements made within the upstream and midstream sectors of the North American oil and gas industry. The Awards are a platform for the industry to demonstrate and celebrate the advances made in the key areas of environment, efficiency, innovation, corporate social responsibility and health and safety. The Awards show the industry’s motivation to develop by recognizing and rewarding the efforts of corporations and individuals. For more information about the Oil & Gas Awards, all regional awards and award categories can be reviewed on their website at www.oilandgasawards.com.

About MIOX Corporation

MIOX Corporation designs and manufactures systems that provide on-demand disinfection chemistry, eliminating the need to transport hazardous chemicals and reducing carbon footprint. MIOX systems are used in multiple applications through a wide range of products, cost-effectively producing disinfection chemistry from 1.0 to 3,000 pounds per day FAC (free available chlorine). With this flexibility, the applications range from large industrial cooling towers, legionella elimination and prevention, water and wastewater treatment for cities, industrial facilities and farming, and produced and frac water disinfection for reuse in the oil and gas field.

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