Millar Instruments Launches World's Smallest Sensor Tip Pressure Catheter

DALLAS, Nov. 11 -- Millar Instruments, Inc., developer and manufacturer of Mikro-Tip® pressure transducer catheters and pressure-volume (P-V) systems, today announced the addition of the SPR-1000, a Mikro-Tip® pressure transducer catheter with a 1 French size, to its market-leading line of ultra-miniature pressure catheters for use in small animal research.

With a catheter tip size of 1F (1/3 mm), the SPR-1000 is the smallest sensor tip pressure catheter available on the market. The smaller diameter minimizes the obstruction of blood flow in the vessel and allows for improved surgical access to the right ventricle, pulmonary artery, and peripheral areas.

"Development of the SPR-1000 and our ability to manufacture a high quality product demonstrate Millar's 36-year commitment to the field of cardiovascular research," said Steve Price, Millar's director of sales and marketing. "Millar will continue to expand the 1F product line to meet the changing needs of researchers, and we will seek new multi-parameter sensing applications in the clinical market."

Millar Instruments encourages physicians and cardiovascular researchers to visit Booth 3240 at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions conference being held in Dallas, Texas, November 13-15, 2005. There will be a demonstration of the SPR-1000 as well as Millar's comprehensive offerings of Mikro-Tip® pressure transducer catheters and pressure-volume systems.

About Millar Instruments

Millar Instruments, Inc., designs, manufactures and markets Mikro-Tip® catheter pressure transducers for use by medical researchers and clinicians. This high-precision sensor technology allows pressure measurements to be taken at the source, without time delay or motion artifacts. Millar also markets a pressure-volume (P-V) system, capable of simultaneously measuring high fidelity left ventricular pressure and volume within the intact beating hearts of small animal models, such as transgenic mice and rats. An important part of Millar's success has come from working with medical researchers around the world. Millar Instruments is committed to being an integral part of this on- going research by developing products and systems that further promote medical advancements and discoveries.

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