Microsphere Formulation Summit Brings Experts Together Next Thursday 18th Sept. 2014

Powder Systems Limited (PSL) will host the Microsphere Formulation Summit, demonstrating microsphere formulation process scale-up technologies.

On Thursday 18th September 2014 in Liverpool UK, delegates from international pharmaceutical groups will learn about new technologies and how to optimize their manufacturing process of polymeric microsphere drug delivery in an aseptic environment, from RD to large scale production.

Craig Patrizio from CP Process Solutions will kick start the day with a Case Study on ‘Evolution of Microsphere Processes to Production: a Case Study of Innovation and Development’.

Craig has 20 years’ experience in Biotech/Pharmaceutical Process Development and along with Michelle Frisch, PSL Sr. Manager Global Technical Systems, they will go through the history behind the development of aseptic process for microsphere formulation.

Date Place

Thursday 18th September 2014

(from 8.30am to 6.30pm)

Powder Systems Ltd (PSL), Estuary Business Park, L24 8RG, Liverpool UK


Conference (Case Study and presentations)

Interactive Workshops

Networking Opportunities

Refreshment & Lunch

Cocktail Reception

The summit is the opportunity for manufacturers facing challenges with their new product development or manufacturing scale-up process to understand the key milestones from feasibility studies to production scale microsphere formulation and learn how to implement a more efficient production process and increase yield productivity of microsphere sterile harvesting.

Throughout the day, delegates will attend conferences on critical manufacturing and development steps as well as workshops to assist to live demonstration of innovative technologies from various OEMs and Process Solution Providers:

Malvern Instruments provide the technology, systems and expertise that enable scientists and engineers to understand and control the properties of process systems. These systems range from proteins and polymers in solution, particle and nanoparticle suspensions and emulsions, through to sprays and aerosols, industrial bulk powders and high concentration slurries. Used at all stages of research, development and manufacturing, Malvern’s materials characterization instruments provide critical information that will help you to accelerate research and product development, enhance and maintain product quality and Optimize process efficiency.

Understanding the process intimately using ‘Online’ measurement offers a High return on investment, reduced energy consumption using closed loop process control, Intelligent troubleshooting, Fast and effective process optimization and consistent product quality.

Headquartered in Malvern, UK, Malvern Instruments has 25 Offices worldwide and offers a truly global support network.

EmulTech B.V. offers equipment for development and production of uniform and reproducible microparticles. This easy-to-use and cost effective equipment is available for pre-clinical and clinical development and manufacturing for market volumes.

The equipment is offered under the brand name INFINITY and offers superior control over particle formation in the particle range of 1 to 1.000 micron. The equipment is suitable for applications such as sterile depot formulations (no need for end sterilization), inhalable drug products (free flowing powder 2-3 micron), delivery of fragile or potent bio-molecules and the delivery of poorly soluble APIs.

EmulTech’s scale up strategy is based on process intensification followed by numbering out. Combined with EmulTech’s proprietary technology this straightforward scale up strategy ensures high reproducibility between batches and during scale up.

Snowbell Machines Pvt. Ltd is India's leading manufacturer of Pharmaceuticals Machines founded by professionals having almost 25 - 30 years of experience in manufacturing setup of Injectable Machines which includes complete Compact Lines for Ampoules, Vials (Liquid/Powder), Pre-filled Syringes(PFS), Dental / Insulin Cartridges and various combinations of the same.

The production rate varies from 25 to 600 Containers per min while incorporating the latest technology, conforming to the prevalent USFDA, MHRA, ENVISA, ENVIMA, EU etc. having supplied around 550 machines across the globe.

Snowbell provides solutions right from - Infeed from decartoning with Inspection - Washing –Sterilizing Depyrogenating Tunnel - Filling Machines – Auto Lyo Loading Unloading System – Capping – External Washing – Inspection – Labelling – Out feed system.

Snowbell works closely with the Customers for their requirements and supports them with the solutions to their requirements by adopting Scientific & Innovative approaches & Tools even after years of its Installation and usage.

Mar Cor Purification, owned by Cantel Medical Corp., is a company that consists of 3 separate business units: Medical Water, Life Science Water and BioScience products consisting of the Hollow Fiber filters, cold sterilants and Dry Fog equipment. We manufacture in an FDA-certified facility and are current with all the FDA regulations, GMP and validation practices.

Mar Cor’s BioScience products group specializes in supplying cold sterilant sporicides to disinfect surfaces in Bio-pharma cleanrooms according to USP. We developed the highly regarded Minncare Dry Fog system, which is now validated by many pharmaceutical companies worldwide as aerosolized broad spectrum sporicide bio-decontamination system for cleanrooms and production areas. The same technology is used to disinfect smaller spaces and enclosures.

Mar Cor Purification also markets products for the disinfection of water purification systems. Fiberflo hollow fiber filters are utilized in microparticle washing and coating operations for used in drug diagnostic applications.

Puresil Techniflex UK specialise in the design and supply of components for Single use, high purity & critical media transfer and sampling systems to the Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Medical and Healthcare industry sectors.

Our products include: High purity flexible transfer hoses & tube assemblies, Sterile transfer & pump tubing, Custom moulded manifolds & tubing Sets, Moulded vessel & tank connectors, Sterile sampling systems, ARTeSYN High purity diaphragm valves & pinch valves for single-use processes and custom moulded components all aspects of upstream & downstream processing.

Since 2001 and in conjunction with our vastly experienced U.S. based partners we have specialised in the design and supply of high purity transfer and sampling systems which offer our customers substantial cost saving solutions for most high purity and single use processes including Clinical Trials, Cell Culture, Chromatography, Filtration/Separation & liquids media production.

Canty offers a unique vision based approach for non-contact cake detection and level measurement designed for Nutsche Filters. Cake detection is the determination of the transition from liquid slurry to solids “cake”. It’s critical to determine this transition in a timely manner to avoid cracking in the cake layer and product agglomeration.

Combining the latest in Ethernet technology with Canty fused glass, lighting and CANTYVISIONCLIENT™ software, the INFLOW™ Process Particle Analyzer provides real time particle size and shape analysis. Various models measure 0.7 micron - 20,000 micron particles under process conditions. In addition to the above, Canty also provides vision based equipment for Centrifuges, Spray Dryers, Crystallisers, etc. within the Pharmaceutical industry.

Canty is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of vision based process instrumentation with facilities in Buffalo, USA and Dublin, Ireland. This includes vessel sight glasses & lighting, process vessel and high temperature cameras, and vision based particle sizing equipment.

Decades of experience in sterile production has led PSL, the host of the event, to develop unique filtration solutions for microsphere formulation, from small scale processes up to production.

PSL will be showcasing their large scale Microsphere Scalper and Refiner designed for particle classification, filtration and drying of microsphere in an aseptic environment. PSL will also held a Process Development and Technology Scale-Up workshop showing new technologies refined to developed new microsphere products and transfer the process to larger scale.

PSL is an international manufacturer of filtration, drying and complete containment solutions. We have been supporting pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, chemical, speciality chemical and laboratory industries since 1989. Our worldwide customer base contains industry leaders including Pfizer, GSK, BMS and Sanofi-Aventis.

To meet the demands of increasing global operations we have adapted our business structure, operating as one company across the globe. We have operations in the USA, UK, France, Czech Republic, India and Australia.

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+44(0)151 448 7700

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