Micrel Rolls Out New Series of Low-Power Clock and Data Recovery Solutions

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 11 /-- Micrel Inc., (NASDAQ:MCRL), an industry leader in analog, high bandwidth communications and Ethernet IC solutions, today released a series of new AnyRate® and single-rate Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) IC solutions. The AnyRate® devices are SY87813L, SY87701AL and SY87700AL, whereas the single-rate devices are the SY69753AL and the SY69754AL. All are low-power devices that feature 30 percent less Icc with improved jitter performance over previous versions. The ICs are all part of the Company's expanding family of CDR solutions and are aimed at PON and SONET/SDH/ATM applications, as well as Ethernet media converters and proprietary architectures up to 1.3Gbps. All chips are fully released to production. The SY87813L, SY87701, SY87700AL and the SY69754AL are available in volume quantities. The SY69753AL will be available in October, 2006. Pricing starts at $11.36 for the single-rate products and $17.25 for AnyRate® devices in 1K quantities.

"Micrel's new clock and data recovery solutions are low-power, improved jitter performance alternatives for today's demanding SONET/SDH/ATM applications," noted Thomas S. Wong, vice president of Micrel's high bandwidth product group. "As a result of the power reduction and improved jitter performance, greater system performance and reliability can be realized."

The SY69753AL, SY69754AL, SY87813L, SY87700AL, and SY87701AL all feature data and clock retiming with a reference training loop. Clock recovery and data retiming are performed by synchronizing the on-chip VCO to the incoming data stream. The VCO center frequency is then controlled by the reference clock frequency and the selected divide ratio. This feature reduces the acquisition lock time tremendously. The highest acquisition time for these devices is only 15us.

The AnyRate® IC family also feature a 3.3V power supply and are SONET/SDH/ATM compatible. Clock and data recovery speeds are from 32-208 Mbps for the SY887700Al and 28-1300 Mbps for the SY87813L/SY87701AL. The single-rate ICs, SY69753AL has a speed of 125 to 155 Mbps and the SY69754AL has a speed of 622 Mbps. These chips are also recommended replacements for Micrel's SY69753L, SY87700L/V, and the SY87701L/V ICs. They also offer selectable reference frequencies and differential PECL high-speed serial I/O. The ICs are available in 32-pin EPAD TQFP packaging and are guaranteed over the full industrial temperature range of -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C.

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Julieanne DiBene
Marketing Communications of Micrel Inc.

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