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METTLER TOLEDO Releases "How Safe is X-Ray Inspection of Food?" Webinar

Press release date: Jan 26, 2012

Royston, UK. 26th January, 2011 - METTLER TOLEDO Safeline x-ray has developed a 15-minute webinar which tackles some of the most popular misconceptions about x-ray inspection of food.

The webinar, "How Safe is X-Ray Inspection of Food?," is available on-demand 24/7 at and answers many important questions for food manufacturers, including:

o Why use x-rays to inspect food?
o What are the effects of x-rays to flavors, textures and the nutritional values of food?
o What is the difference between x-ray inspection and food irradiation?
o What is the difference between x-ray radiation and radioactivity?
o How safe are the x-ray systems used in the food industry?

The webinar demonstrates that bringing inspection into the food production process poses no threat to the health of production staff or to the quality of food. Furthermore, in exploring the efficacy of x-ray inspection in detecting physical contaminants such as glass, metal, stone, bone, and high density plastic and rubber, it shows that food inspected by x-ray is demonstrably safer than food which hasn't.

The webinar begins by explaining why food manufacturers use x-ray inspection, goes on to explain what x-rays are, and shows that they are a normal part of everyday life. After explaining that x-ray inspection is not the same thing as food irradiation (irradiation involves doses up to ten million times more powerful than x-ray inspection), the webinar looks at the design of x-ray inspection systems.

The webinar is useful for brand managers, food technologists, production line and quality control managers, as well as HR personnel, as it demonstrates that x-ray inspection of food is a safe and reliable process.

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