Metal Handling Solutions

Powr-Grip® Vacuum Cups "put a handle where you need it" on metal sheets or nearly any material with a smooth nonporous surface. When lifting and maneuvering metal sheets onto CNC machines, waterjet, plasma and laser cutters, vacuum cups help to protect the operator's hands from sharp edges, while the soft, resilient rubber pads won't harm metal finishes.

Our wide variety of standard vacuum cups includes models with flat vacuum pads, for quick attachment to flat surfaces, and models with concave vacuum pads, for effective attachment to curved or irregular surfaces. With diameters from 1 inch to 10 inches [25 mm to 25 cm], Powr-Grip vacuum cups are available for virtually any metal handling application. Whatever the job is, you can work with confidence because Powr-Grip's patented red-line indicator shows when a vacuum cup is securely attached to the material and will alert you if the vacuum level decreases. From production facilities to final installation, metal handling is easier with hand-held vacuum cups by Wood's Powr-Grip.

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