Merger within the Plastics Industry

PlastiScience and DerriTech Consultants International Join Forces

SMYRNA, DE - PlastiScience, LLC and DerriTech Consultants International have formally announced that they have completed their merger of equals to create the new PlastiScience.

The combined company's have joined capabilities to provide clients with full-service solutions to their plastics formulation, development and testing needs through innovative solutions and best-in-class customer service. In recent years, both companies provided "complimentary" services to clients independent of each other. "The union of these two companies will result in the acceleration of a client's product to market," said Dr. Daniel Davidson, President, PlastiScience, LLC. The decision was made to move forward with a merger in order to better create best practices and efficiencies. The merger-- integration commenced in the fourth quarter of 2005 and was finalized in the early stages of the first quarter of 2006.

Customer Benefits
Customers of both PlastiScience and DerriTech Consultants will enjoy the following benefits from the merger:
o Twin-screw compounding, sample test injection molding and plastics property testing through industrial safety & federal quality conformance (ASTM, UL, ISO, GSA) to address:
o Product Development for All Engineering Plastics--Resin Selection for Product Function
o Raw Material Selection and Procurement for Best Cost/Performance
o Custom Compound Formulations for Specific Applications
o Polymer Compound Recommendations, including Deformulation, Additives, Alloys, Blends and Specialty Formulations
o Global Technical Service for Additive and Polymer Clients
o ISO 17025:2005 Compliant, Certification Pending
o Certificated UL Agency
o GSA Contract Holder (GS-07F-9176SL - SIN 873-1,2,3,4,99)

PlastiScience, LLC is an independent engineering plastics testing laboratory formed in 1999 featuring product development for compounds utilizing a 40-mm twin screw extruder, mechanical property testing and flammability and long term heat aging according to Underwriters Laboratories (UL) test methods.

DerriTech Consultants International is a plastics technology consulting company with over thirty years of experience in the formulation, compound processing, testing, marketing and applications of engineering plastics products. DerriTech provides international consulting services for plastics compound manufacturing, with specific emphasis on technology transfer, formulations, raw material selection and procurement.

Media Contact: Dr. Daniel Davidson
Ph: 302-659-3032

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