Meggitt Sensing Systems Adds New Sales Channel for Illinois and Kentucky

Germantown, MD –– Meggitt, manufacturer of industry-leading accelerometers and vibration sensing products, has added a new reseller for Kentucky and Illinois. Heartland Industrial Solutions LLC will promote and sell Meggitt’s Wilcoxon Research® line of vibration monitoring sensors and accessories in the Midwest region.

Heartland Industrial Solutions LLC was founded in 1998 by Jim Jackson, David Jackson and Tim Jackson, who combined have more than 50 years of experience in alignment, maintenance and customer sales and support. All employees at Heartland are at least Level 1 certified vibration analysts ensuring that customers receive reliable insight and product knowledge. As alignment specialists, they provide state-of-the-art precision measurement systems for exacting measurement of machine tools, machine trains, and machine and engine bores. To ensure customers receive maximum returns on their investments, Heartland offers a variety of alignment, vibration and balancing tools. Product lines offered by Heartland include condition monitoring products, laser alignment systems, pulley alignment systems, induction heaters, and alignment simulators.

“Heartland’s expertise and industry knowledge provide customers with the best vibration tools for their application,” said James Lundy, Sales Manager for Wilcoxon Research products in North America. “They provide continued support for lasting value of your monitoring system even after installation.”

Kentucky and Illinois’ central location in the US is a distribution advantage, facilitating the quick import of parts and export of goods. A variety of industries makes Illinois one of the nation’s manufacturing leaders with outputs including machinery, food processing, electrical equipment, chemical products, paper, metal products, transportation equipment, petroleum and coal. In Kentucky, manufacturing accounts for 96% of exports and supports 22% of the state’s employment. An increase in food and beverage, tobacco product, and motor vehicle production has helped to boost Kentucky’s economy. Facilities throughout Kentucky and Illinois using rotating machinery will benefit from Heartland’s extensive condition monitoring expertise and variety of product offerings.

To learn more about Wilcoxon Research® products, Meggitt Sensing Systems; or lifetime qarranty, visit, call 800-WILCOXON, or e-mail For information about Heartland Industrial Solutions LLC, visit or e-mail

Meggitt Sensing Systems, a division of Meggitt PLC, is a leading supplier of high-performance sensing and monitoring systems for physical parameter measurements in extreme environments. It has operated since 1927 through its antecedents—ECET, Endevco, Ferroperm Piezoceramics, Lodge Ignition, Sensorex, Vibro-Meter and Wilcoxon Research — whose portfolios form the basis of product lines offered by today’s Meggitt Sensing Systems. Meggitt Sensing Systems designs and manufactures the Wilcoxon Research product line of vibration sensors at its facility in Germantown, Maryland, USA.

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