Meeting the Challenges of Today's Ice Cream Manufacturer

Increase productivity, improve product quality and reduce costs. Quadro can help today's ice cream processor meet these challenges with our Ytron mixing technology. Conventional mixing methods often result in long processing times, poor yield of ingredients leading to filtration and high air incorporation. Partially hydrated lumps also have a tendency to build-up on the vessel and heat exchanger surfaces, which can impair heat transfer, make cleaning difficult, and impact the performance of the downstream homogenizer. The Quadro Ytron® XC Powder Disperser is an ideal solution for the preparation of ice-cream mix. The XC is an in-line mixing and dispersion unit designed to incorporate large quantities of powder into a liquid stream (i.e. single-pass) with minimal air entrainment. Not only does this innovative technology reduce dispersion times by up to 80%, but product characteristics are consistent from batch-to-batch and there is no plugging of screens, typical with other in-line blenders/dispersers.

There are two (2) sanitary models available designed to meet 3-A Sanitary Standards, offering liquid throughputs of up to 200 GPM.

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