Medical Supply Company Goes Green

HVO recently introduced its Waste Reduction and Green Initiative Program to help promote corporate sustainability in the workplace. The target goal for this project is to decrease HVO's current waste stream by 50% and reduce HVO's disposal fees by tens of thousands of dollars. The HVO Waste Reduction Team will hold quarterly meetings to set annual program targets, report on performance and track annual cost savings. Additionally, they have set up sorting stations throughout the facility for recycling HVO's medical materials including: paper-based non-wovens, SMS fabric, clear and frosted plastics, and colored plastic/film materials. Furthermore, HVO's Waste Reduction Team is working with the HVO Community Programs business division to help create new training opportunities for their clients with disabilities.

HVO produces medical drapes and other medical devices for domestic and international surgical needs. HVO has more than 35 years of experience in manufacturing disposable health care products and has created partnerships with some of the key players in the medical industry. HVO is also a nonprofit mission-driven company that provides local vocational training and employment opportunities to adults with disadvantages and disabilities. HVO's blended workforce presents a successful combination of disabled and non-disabled employees to achieve daily production levels. HVO is ISO 9001 and 13485 registered and regulated and audited by the FDA.

For more information on HVO's Waste Reduction and Green Initiative Program please contact Beth Chittum at 828-456-4455 extension 1138 or Or visit

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