MECA Expands on 10-year Relationship and Chooses IBS Enterprise as Its Platform for Growth

• IBS Distribution Software is one of the pillars of success in MECA's Distribution Model

SOLNA, Sweden, – The MECA Group, a leading player in the aftermarket for automobile parts, tools, and shop equipment, has decided to strengthen its long standing relationship with leading global integrated ERP and Supply Chain solutions provider International Business Systems (IBS).

The new agreement marks the continuation of a 10-year relationship, which has seen The MECA Group build a successful distribution model based on IBS software. Pending expansion plans have made it necessary for MECA to increase flexibility and reduce risk in its IT platform, which is why the company is now upgrading to the latest release of IBS Business Suite 2015 and outsourcing its infrastructure.

This move will allow MECA to handle its complex distribution requirements even better and remain a trusted partner for customers that rely on timely delivery of its goods. The new software will also eliminate any bespoke elements in the system, leaving MECA with a simpler, easier to maintain and more cost effective environment.

At the same time, MECA is outsourcing its IT Infrastructure to IBS as well. This frees up resources for MECA to allocate towards the core business and not worry about the IT environment. The solution is set up on a pay-as-you-go basis, which means that costs can be adjusted to follow the number of users on the system and add flexibility to the overall IT infrastructure.

"I'm very pleased that MECA has decided to expand its relationship with IBS," said Douglas Braun, IBS CEO. "The upgrade to IBS Business Suite 2015 and the outsourcing of IT infrastructure will see us working much closer together through IBS's full service concept. By taking over the software and hardware maintenance through our Cloud-solution, we will help MECA reduce resource spend on IT and let the company focus on its core business."

About IBS

International Business Systems (IBS) is a leading global integrated ERP and supply chain distribution software solution provider. For more than 35 years, the company has helped customers such as Plannja AB, Axflow AB, Cramo, Thermo-Fischer, AEP, Totes Isotoner, and many others streamline, automate and accelerate their distribution network processes, and drive profitability and efficiency.

About The MECA Group

The MECA Group is a leading player in the aftermarket for automobile parts, tools, and shop equipment. Our business is built on efficient distribution of spare parts and tools through our departments to professional automobile service centers.

Everything we do is aimed at one thing: making car ownership easier and more cost effective for the consumer.

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