MCG BioComposites LLC Announces Awarded I6Green Challenge Grant

Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Sam McCord, CEO & Founder of MCG BioComposites, LLC based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, announced today the company has been awarded a $41,300 grant through the Demonstration Fund to develop new tools for their plant marker (BioMarker™), develop new formulations for new biocomposites materials, marketing of these products through direct marketing and exhibiting at specific industry trade shows and conferences throughout the United States and Canada. The BioMarker™ is made with corn cob fiber and recycled high-density polyethylene and polypropylene and marketed to the gardening industry. The BioMarker™ also received the 2012 Green Thumb Award through the Direct Gardening Association. The funding would also be used for developing and producing new marketing collateral to help with the promotion of the new materials and products. MCG will be working with MGP Ingredients in Atchison, Kansas in the development of new biocomposites materials and researching additional biomass fillers.

MCG BioComposites, LLC has been in business since 2007 specializing in the development and commercialization of biocomposites resins. “This award is very helpful and also shows the commitment at the state level for providing the resources for us to continue the development of new materials in applications for industrial, agriculture, lawn and garden markets” according to McCord. “We’re developing materials where the customer wants to increase stiffness, have more durability, or reduce shrinkage, warpage or weight and to drive the sustainability throughout their company.” For additional information, please contact Mr. McCord at 319-378-0077 or email

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