MaxEXP(TM) - The Best eCommerce System in America ... Gets Even Better

SAN DIEGO, July 16 / / -- San Diego Media, Inc., provider of "The Best eCommerce System in America," today announced the addition of essential new features to its market-defining MaxEXP(TM) eBusiness system. These new features are designed to add important new functionality to the application suite while enhancing its usability for business, marketing, and technical managers.

"Our software development process is built around our customers," explained San Diego Media President & CEO Brian Kent upon making the announcement. "We add new features into our MaxEXP System on an ongoing basis for the purpose of solving real-world eBusiness concerns. These new features were developed to address specific needs that our customers have expressed."

A Compendium of New Features

o Unique store domains. Customers now can easily build multiple online
storefronts with unique appearance, branding, and Internet addresses
while employing the MaxEXP Business Centre as a single control point.

o Purchase order system upgrades. Simplified purchase ordering
enhancements have been added for easy management of
business-to-business (B2B) orders.

o Order volume monitoring. The MaxEXP system now automatically notifies
business managers of drastic reductions in the volume of orders so
they can quickly remedy potential product, marketing, or customer
issues that may impact revenues.

o Price change archiving and security. The system captures and archives
price changes as they occur, allowing managers to review historical
price changes at any point and determine these impacts on sales
performance. Also, important security features have been added to
ensure against unauthorized changes in product prices.

o Registration at checkout. Customers now can complete their order and
registration during one seamless checkout process.

o International shipping controls. Improvements have been made to
MaxEXP's integrated international shipping functions, allowing
customers more control and flexibility over international business
such as flagging individual MaxEXP stores as international shipping
enabled or disabled.

"These are important changes to the MaxEXP system that strengthens our clients ability to manage and monitor their eBusiness operations," explained Mr. Kent. "A few more reasons why MaxEXP(TM) is "The Best eCommerce System in America!"

About MaxEXP and San Diego Media

MaxEXP is San Diego Media's complete eBusiness system for midsize and large enterprises. Users of MaxEXP include a variety of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. The open standards and modular architecture of MaxEXP ensures scalability and flexibility, with a lifecycle cost that is less expensive and more effective than traditional eBusiness solutions. At the same time, MaxEXP is designed to enable companies to leverage their existing systems and infrastructure as part of a total eCommerce solution. San Diego Media also provides a complete professional services offering by one of the leading teams of eBusiness specialists in the industry.

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