Matrox Imaging Launches New Training Website with Course Offerings

MONTREAL, Quebec—20 March 2019—Today, Matrox® Imaging proudly announces the launch of its new Matrox Vision Academy website, designed to enrich the user experience.

With the aim of easier navigation, the new Matrox Vision Academy website offers the option of keyword-based searching, as well as a simplified menu-driven interface that includes convenient access to new video content. Moreover, an ever-expanding series of courses provide clear, sequential training on specific topics.

Matrox Vision Academy delivers a comprehensive library of on-demand instructional material on how to use and deploy Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) and Matrox Design Assistant vision software. Designed to deconstruct complex topics into micro-learning modules, Matrox Vision Academy facilitates self-directed, just-in-time learning for registered software users.

Course offerings
Matrox Vision Academy delivers a growing series of courses on its software platforms; these courses consist of a number of videos on a particular topic that unfold in a logical, sequential manner. Geared towards providing introductions to particular broad topics, or progressive insight on how to use certain tools—like Blob Analysis, Pattern Matching, or SureDotOCR®, for example—these courses aim to help users obtain a deeper understanding on the given topic.

Keyword searching
The inclusion of an open search bar makes keyword searching simple and time-effective, offering targeted results with a single click. The library of Matrox Vision Academy videos is constantly being expanded, making targeted keyword searching a boon for users seeking information on specific subjects, tools, or concepts.

Streamlined user interface
The new Matrox Vision Academy website classifies all content by software title, namely, MIL or Matrox Design Assistant. This visual selector is conveniently color-coded to facilitate navigation. Similarly, a blue banner flags recent video additions for easy identification. 

“Since our inception in April 2017, we have sought out feedback from users, who bring valuable hands-on experience with the interface—and paired it with the expertise of our own development and support staff—to deliver a truly pleasant and productive online learning platform,” notes David Zerkler, lead instructional designer, Matrox Imaging. “We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and excited about where we’re going next.”

Matrox Vision Academy is available to customers with MIL or Matrox Design Assistant maintenance subscriptions, as well as those evaluating either software.

About Matrox Imaging
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