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Risk Mitigation via Automation in Manufacturing and Distribution Material Handling Centers

Material handling solutions for shipping and storage form an important part of the supply chain process. They help improve processes by streamlining the various functions like manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, and several others. With most companies looking to downsize, automation is becoming an important part of material handling functions.

Risk Mitigation via Automation in Material Handling Centers

Risk mitigation is an important part for a company looking to maintain or expand their business. This process is important to ensure compliance of several quality and safety norms dictated by the Government and other important autonomous bodies. Risk mitigation processes provide a safer work environment helping increase efficiency of current employees.

Risk mitigation via automation is possible for most material handling processes. For instance, if there is a potentially unsafe process that is expected to be handled by humans, it can be automated. If automation of an entire process is difficult, then a company can consider automating a part of the process. This part can be chosen according to the level of risk it imposes on the user.

Other Advantages of Automation

Due to the various advantages that automation offers, exhaustive research and innovation is being witnessed in this field. Engineers are constantly attempting to design and produce automated systems with higher flexibility, ability to handle complex tasks, customization, etc. Below are listed some of the advantages of automation:

• Automating various functions of your material handling process will allow you to improve process efficiency. This helps in reducing time taken for a specific task.

• By increasing the efficiency and reducing time taken for a particular task, there is a reduction in the overall cost. Also, since the time taken between designing, manufacturing, and delivery is reduced, the cost is recovered faster. If the rate of production is higher, the profit capacity of the product automatically increases.

• By automating mundane tasks, you will be able to increase the efficiency of your resources as well.

• Automated processes help companies acclimatize faster and better to changing trends in the market

• Help in collaborative efforts between several companies offering different services in the material handling system.

• Automation systems are pre-set with several emergency functions. They are programmed with 'self-shutdown' systems that allow them to shut down in case of any irregularity in the process or an unsafe working condition.

• In case there is a hazardous situation, the exposure of risk to human life is greatly reduced.

Material handling solutions are the need of the hour in several manufacturing and distribution centers. The productivity achieved with the help of automation is much higher than that achieved with the help of any other system. It also helps in risk mitigation among several other crucial benefits. Reducing human interaction also reduces scope of human error, thus helping mitigate risk. Automation is imperative for a company to realize high levels of efficiency and zero inventory levels effectively managing.

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