Manufacturers to bring oil and gas mission to HOUSTEX.

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Scheduled for February 24-26, 2009 at George R. Brown Convention Center, HOUSTEX will showcase advanced machines, tools, and production systems. Beyond show floor, visitors will have opportunities to learn best practices and network with top manufacturers at oil and gas-oriented Advanced Technologies Conference. In particular, this SME Conference will focus on innovative processes and people that will lead industry into the future.

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Even as Oil Prices Drop, Opportunities in the Oil & Gas Industry Continue to Rise

Manufacturers Will Bring Their Oil & Gas Mission to HOUSTEX, February 24-26, 2009, George R. Brown Convention Center

DEARBORN, MI, January 20, 2009 - Even as oil prices have dropped, opportunities in the oil and gas industry continue to rise.

The oil and gas industry not only fuels our cars and heats our homes, but, above all, creates hundreds of thousands of jobs.

By the numbers: The industry creates approximately one in every three manufacturing jobs in the Houston-area and pumps an estimated $86 billion into the U.S. economy.

Mark Tomlinson, executive director and general manager of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME clarifies, "When people think of manufacturing jobs, they often think of the auto industry. But manufacturing is more than making cars. It's the know-how and effort it takes to harvest oil and gas."

"Many of us may only recognize the image of a "Rough Neck" covered in mud on a drilling rig. Yet, we don't always realize that welders, machinists, design engineers, metallurgists and other highly-skilled workers are often needed to build and maintain the equipment such as drills, pipes and pumps that help bring oil and gas to the surface."

The manufacturers behind this equipment which keeps the industry in business are bringing their oil and gas mission to Houston. These companies will feature new products at SME's HOUSTEX, February 24-26, 2009 at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Since 1976, HOUSTEX has showcased advanced machine, tools, cutting-edge production systems and pioneering innovations. Dave Morton, of SME and HOUSTEX show manager says, "HOUSTEX is designed to provide thousands of visitors access to the most up-to-date manufacturing technology live and living color."

"Beyond the show floor, visitors will also have opportunities to learn best practices and network with top manufacturers at the oil and gas-oriented Advanced Technologies Conference."

In particular, this SME Conference will focus on the innovative processes and people that will lead the industry into the future.

"The goals of the Conference are to showcase the advanced industry technology and to support the industry through connections to new technology, people and processes," says Rodney Grover, SME Oil and Gas Industry Developer and Member Industry Relations Manager.

Some scheduled sessions include, "Industry advancements utilizing technology and people" presented by such industry manufacturers as Schlumberger, Optima Manufacturing and ARC Specialties. Additionally, Schlumberger and Arc Specialities, along with Wyman-Gordon, Reed Hycalog, Laser Cladding Services, Knust-SBO, and LaBarge Inc., will offer facility tours. The Conference will also extend its scope beyond U.S. borders and include a delegation from the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters organization.

"Alberta has oil sands second only to Saudi Arabia and has the potential to create tremendous job growth. Industry experts from North America's booming province will discuss and share advice with other oil and gas industry professionals," says Grover.

Grover also adds, "Both HOUSTEX and this conference should draw individuals or companies looking to transition or diversify into the oil and gas industry. If you are a skilled worker, such as a welder, machinist, fabricator, or quality engineer in a business that is currently downsizing, you likely have the skills needed to fill the job vacancies in the oil and gas industry."

"For those highly-skilled manufacturing professionals looking to transition or for work in the industry, tradeshows and conferences are great ways to network and make connections."

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