Manual and Automatic Carousel Textile Screen Printing Machines

Rototex™ II Manual Textile Printer

The Rototex II Manual Textile Printer offers the perfect combination of highly versatile production and easy operator handling. Built with a low profile and height adjustable screen holder arms, the Rototex II can reduce operator fatigue and valuable production time. The high-grade ball bearing construction provides smooth carousel action and indexing for extended durability. Rototex II's multi-directional X/Y registration system enables the operator to perform quick color-to-color setup. This heavy-duty system will not wear or vibrate out of register even during extended production runs. Off-contact control allows you to directly manage ink deposit for excellent fine line and halftone reproduction.

Centurian™ II Automatic Textile Printer

Built for versatility and excellent, all-around performance with a standard speed of 75 dozen garments per hour, the Centurian™ incorporates over 20 state-of-the art features for the ultimate in operator convenience and print quality. Centurian's PLC with a compatible Touch-Screen Interface ensures maximum control throughout your operation. This central programming station utilizes multiple screen menus, which allow easy operator use. To ensure the highest print quality, electro-mechanical indexer and carriage drives provide consistent print/flood cycling for smooth results from front to back. Centurian's lock-in heads and pallet-tip supports guarantee even print pressure over the entire image (regardless of size) for zero pallet deflection, assuring of even tone throughout the print stroke.

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