Malcolm Walter Focuses on 'NIST Dollars'in New Issue of BE Magazine

Exton, Pa. - Sept. 22, 2005 - The new issue of BE Magazine (, published by Bentley Systems, Incorporated, brings readers highlights of the BE Conference 2005 experience. This "time for learning," which provided more than 300 hours of Bentley Institute professional training, 45 technology update sessions, and 116 best practice sessions, was a record-setting event. It exceeded last year's attendance by more than 20 percent, drawing to the Baltimore Convention Center architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals and owner-operators from 43 countries and 644 organizations. Collectively, these attendees earned more than 11,000 Bentley Institute Learning Units.

BE Magazine, which is electronically distributed to nearly 200,000 readers, is dedicated to Bentley users and their work improving the world's infrastructure and increasing quality of life.

The current issue features a must-read article titled "Return on Interoperability: The New ROI." Written by Bentley COO Malcolm Walter and based on his BE Conference 2005 keynote, it focuses on what Walter calls "NIST dollars" - referring to the $16 billion lost annually to poor IT interoperability. These wasted dollars were identified in an August 2004 study of U.S. capital facilities by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) ( "Today, in our industry," says Walter, "we have a unique opportunity to earn a dramatic return by paying attention to interoperability."

"As software providers to this industry," continues Walter, "as infrastructure designers and engineers, as the owner-operators who bear the lion's share of this waste - how can all of us help but be alarmed?" Walter goes on to offer solutions to the problem - solutions that include interoperating software products that are currently producing dramatic gains in cost savings, efficiency, and competitiveness for Bentley users.

In the article "Winning the Battle of Order Over Chaos," Chief Marketing Officer Tony Flynn gives perspective to the role of information technology in AEC by invoking MIT professor Norbert Wiener, founder of the system feedback theory known as cybernetics. Explains Flynn, "More and more, we are using software to provide critical feedback to the AEC organizations creating, improving, and operating the world's infrastructure.

"More and more, users are not just entering designs. They are getting feedback from analysis tools, from peers, from clients, from the public. More and more, they are factoring in this feedback to make their projects far more successful."

The article "Bentley 2004 Performance Sets Stage for Another Banner Year" presents highlights of the company's first annual report, as presented in CEO Greg Bentley's keynote. It reviews key business developments in the prior year.

For example, Mr. Bentley points out that in 2004, market analyst Daratech ranked the company No. 1 in 14 plant market categories, including overall sales of plant creation software. Putting this milestone in perspective, he explains, "Five years ago, we were essentially not even on this chart. Now look at the tremendous headway we've made. For instance, in the influential owner-operator segment that Daratech breaks out, we're by far the strongest."

To view a copy of Bentley's June 2005 Annual Report online, go to

Next in the issue is "Think Big, Think Different, Think Cool, Management Visionary Urges AEC," an article based on management guru and civil engineer Tom Peters' BE Conference keynote. Peters offers strategies for success in a fast-changing world, chief among them being that projects earn a place in history.

He admits that world-altering projects can be risky and costly. "But nobody remembers any dork who came in on budget," says Peters. "They remember people who tried big stuff, and maybe they failed, but they did cool stuff."

"I mean, I hope you bring your projects in on budget. I'm not stupid," continues Peters. "But that's not what they put you in the history books for. Winston Churchill saved Western civilization, right? Does the history book say, Winston Churchill delivered World War II on budget? He didn't."

In "AEC, IT, Bentley: The Road Ahead," Chief Technology Officer Keith Bentley offers his outlook on the AEC industry's current advances as well as its future. He explains that despite its complex workflows, the industry has taken major steps forward in its adoption of new technology.

Addressing users in the AEC community, Mr. Bentley remarks, "How many of you believe you could be competitive today if you could only use technology that was available in 1995? I doubt anybody could. So I think we're on the right path."

The article goes on to discuss technological innovations that will influence or drive AEC industry advancements. Among those cited are: real-time data systems, distributed computing, Web services, Google, 64-bit computers, the Vista version of Microsoft Windows (slated for final release in the second half of 2006), Bentley's GenerativeComponents design system, and the upcoming releases of MicroStation V8 XM Edition and ProjectWise V8 XM Edition.

A.B. "Buddy" Cleveland, senior vice president, Bentley Software, helps readers understand the range of application needs served by the XM editions' innovative capabilities in "XM Benefits Reach Across AEC Business Processes." These needs include not only design, but also an interrelated web of business processes.

"The XM Edition is about making these core AEC business processes work better for users," says Cleveland. As a result, MicroStation V8 XM Edition and ProjectWise V8 XM Edition enable users to be more effective in terms of productivity, quality, timeliness, and completeness, and can help them achieve real breakthroughs in process improvements.

The final article on the new MicroStation V8 XM Edition and ProjectWise V8 XM Edition is titled "XM Editions: The View From the Driver's Seat." The driver is Bhupinder Singh, senior vice president, Bentley Software International, and his remarks detail XM's major innovations.

Singh explains that in MicroStation V8 XM Edition - the next release of Bentley's flagship desktop platform - innovations include structured workflows, structured content, 3D in PDF, and an updated GUI and new display subsystem. Combined, these provide power with simplicity. He says that the XM edition of ProjectWise V8 - the next release of the company's integrated system of collaboration servers - offers innovations that simplify distributed engineering and provide enterprise-wide access to project information.

Rounding out the features section of the new BE Magazine are articles on Bentley Institute's new Star Program, which recognizes the learning achievements of Bentley users, and on the 2005 BE Awards of Excellence. There were 33 BE Awards presented in the professional portion of the BE Awards program and four in the academic portion, all of which are highlighted in the issue.

In his column "The Last Word," Greg Bentley offers additional thoughts on the company's accomplishments the prior year, as presented in its inaugural annual report.

As always, readers of BE Magazine will also find a variety of inspiring user success stories; how-to articles that help AEC professionals and owner-operators become better connected and more productive; a global roundup of AEC news; a comprehensive calendar of user events; practical technical notes and tips; commentary on issues critical to the AEC community; and much more.

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About BE Magazine, BE, and the BE Conference

BE Magazine is part of a program that also includes the BE Conference, BE Newsletter, BE Awards of Excellence, and BE Meetings. BE, which stands for "Bentley Empowered," represents the achievements of Bentley users, how Bentley can help them reach their goals, and the common vision and causes Bentley and users share.

The BE Conference is a once-a-year learning opportunity for Bentley users and their managers offering professional training, technology updates, keynotes, and best practice sharing. At these sessions, attendees better themselves, better their organizations, and better the ways they can improve the world's infrastructure.

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