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Come See Adams Magnetic Products in Our New Facility

Irvine, CA (January 2018) - Goodbye Irvine, hello Carlsbad.

We are pleased to announce that Adams Magnetic Products has moved to a new facility in Carlsbad, California, about 50 miles south of our previous location.

The decision was motivated by our continuous desire to improve our operations and to better align ourselves in the dynamic markets we serve.

Why this facility and why now? Three reasons:

1. A Better Production Layout for Our Magnet Assemblies
The new production space allows us to add new state-of-the-art flexible magnet fabrication equipment to further shorten lead times, increase efficiency and extend our capabilities.

2. More Warehouse Space
From rare earth disc magnets to sandwich assemblies, electromagnets and pocket magnets to ceramic block magnets, Adams offers one of the largest and most diverse product lines in the business. The larger warehouse space will allow us to keep more of these products in stock; ready for shipping when you need them.

3. Solar Energy
Magnetism by itself may not provide a new source of green energy. However, one day it may play a significant role in lowering costs and improving efficiency for a number of renewable energy sources. So it made sense to us that a facility that produces magnets should also support clean energy.

You are cordially invited to come see us in our new home (just call or email first, so we can make sure the place looks nice). We’re always delighted when our clients and business partners can see first-hand the quality of our manufacturing processes, and the commitment to excellence our team strives to achieve every day.

Established in 1950, Adams Magnetic Products Co. sets the standard for designing and manufacturing innovative magnetic products and assemblies. One of the oldest U.S. companies in the industry, its staff draws from a depth of engineering, fabricating, coating, testing, sourcing, handling, and distributing expertise managing inventory and delivery to coincide with customers’ production cycles and schedules. Adams supplies magnets used in signs and displays, including flexible, ceramic, neodymium magnets and strong magnetic assemblies. We can also build to custom magnets print. Adams is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and ITAR Registered. To learn more, please visit, or call 800-747-7543.

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