MAG Softwrx, Inc. Now Supports Time Tracking via Safari

Denver, CO - March 28, 2007 - With its newest release, Timeless Time & Expense now offers a web-based time tracking solution for Mac users working with Safari. MAG Softwrx, Inc. released Timeless Time & Expense Enterprise Web in January 2007. At that time, the software did not support Safari. Now, using the power of Ajax, the company supports Safari in addition to Internet Explorer, Camino, Firefox and Opera.

Timeless Time & Expense Enterprise Web allows users to track their time, to do items and expenses at a detailed level using a hierarchy of tasks and an easy-to-use interface. This flexibility lets users track their time and expenses at whatever level of detail is most appropriate for their business. By using such detailed time tracking, users accurately bill clients, track projects, and make better decisions regarding future projects.

The web version allows employees in different locations to share data, reports and assignments. It also provides project managers with a way to track each user's progress and time. Using the web, Mac and PC users share data. With Timeless Time & Expense Enterprise Web, companies also reduce their maintenance time and costs, because the software is not installed on each machine.

"We have many clients with users whose job function is better performed on Macs. Therefore, we felt it critical not to exclude Mac users, because those clients want to track all employees' times regardless of the operating system," said Mark Griebling, President of MAG Softwrx. Inc. "We can now provide a web experience for all employees."

Timeless Time & Expense Enterprise Web is available online at for $64.99 per license. Volume discounts are available.

Download a fully functional 30-day trial version of Timeless Time & Expense Enterprise Web from

Timeless Time & Expense Enterprise Web runs on Internet Information Services (ISS) 5.0 or higher with ASP.Net 2.0. It can be used with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Camino and Safari browsers on the Mac and PC.

About MAG Softwrx, Inc.

MAG Softwrx, Inc., the maker of Timeless Time & Expense, is a Denver-based company founded in 1997. Timeless Time & Expense gives individuals and companies the ability to track time at a detailed level through the use of a customized hierarchy of tasks. MAG Softwrx, Inc.'s products include the Personal version, the Enterprise desktop version and the Enterprise Web version. MAG Softwrx's products are used worldwide by users in over 40 countries.

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