Macton's Turntable Vehicle Barrier Receives Silver Award In Businessweek's Idea Awards

Oxford, CT - July 21, 2008 - BusinessWeek and the Industrial Designers Society of America (ISDA) has announced that a Turntable Vehicle Barrier (TVB) manufactured by The Macton Corporation has received the Silver Medal in Commercial & Industrial Products in The International Design Excellence Awards. This prestigious design competition celebrates the most innovative products of the year.

Originally invented by Rogers Marvel Architects, the TVB was developed as a collaboration between the Macton Corporation and Rock12 Security Architecture as a security device which opens and closes to allow or prevent access to secure streets and roadways. The TVB solves problems with the existing devices that were originally designed for military operations. The TVB meets the security requirements of New York City's Stock Exchange and Police Department and accepts architectural finishes, creating a device completely adaptable to blend in with its surrounding architecture. In addition, the TVB has achieved a K12 crash rating against vehicular attacks, as certified by the U.S. Department of Defense.

The Macton Corporation of Oxford, CT designs and manufactures large, engineered-to-order, moving structures and equipment for a wide variety of transportation, industrial, architectural and commercial applications. Products include facility related turntables, display and exhibit turntables, rail maintenance equipment and material handling systems. The entire product listing can be found at

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