Macron Dynamics Receives U.S. Department of Commerce Achievement Award

CROYDON, PA - Macron Dynamics Inc., a manufacturer of linear actuators and multi-axis automation systems, was recently honored at the Trade Winds Forum and Business Development Conference in Mexico City, Mexico with an Export Achievement Certificate. The award was presented by the U.S. Commercial Services of the U.S. Department of Commerce in recognition of Macron's successful distribution of their products to international markets.

Craig Marshall, executive vice president of Macron Dynamics, attended the Trade Winds Forum and accepted the award on behalf of Macron Dynamics. "We were extremely pleased to receive the award," says Marshall. "We've had significant growth in international markets recently, and Mexico has served as our partner in introducing Macron to other South American markets," Marshall says.

The Trade Winds Forum, an ideal launching point for product expansion, cites The Americas, including North, Central, and South America, as one of the most lucrative regions in the world for U.S. companies to experience growth.

The U.S. Commercial Service names Mexico as the U.S.'s third largest trading partner worldwide, with bilateral trade between both countries surpassing $305 billion. Additionally, abundant market opportunities in Mexico exist for many industry sectors Macron's linear actuators and multi-axis automation systems serve, including automotive parts, IT/ telecom, housing and construction, electric power generation, medical equipment, safety and security, environmental technologies, packaging equipment, logistics/transportation, and agribusiness.

Marshall says The Americas is not the only global marketplace where Macron is expanding. "Recently, Macron has seen an increase in export activity to countries on almost every continent, including Australia, New Zealand, India, Germany, China and Spain," he says.

Despite the troubled economy, Macron Dynamics has seen sales double over the past two years. Macron's President, Anthony Cirone, attributes the domestic and international success to Macron's lifetime warranty on all of their products, increased visibility through internet marketing, and significantly faster turnaround time than their competitors.

Expansion in these global markets, as well as additional branding efforts, and increases in both product offerings and distribution networks puts Macron Dynamics on a chart for continued growth. It's estimated that Macron Dynamics will break the ten million dollar mark in sales by 2013.

To learn more or see Macron's products in motion, visit Macron's website,, or call Macron Dynamics, Inc. at 1-800-MACRON-1 (1-800-622-7661).

About Macron Dynamics, Inc.

Macron Dynamics designs and manufactures linear motion products, actuators and belt drives, and multi-axis automation systems creatively engineered to improve productivity and reduce costs in commercial and industrial automation applications. Macron's products include belt driven linear actuators, belt drives, rail actuators, robotic positioners, gantries, dumbwaiters, screw driven actuators, roller conveyors, and extruded aluminum machinery framing. In addition, Macron specializes in the engineering of custom multi-axis linear motion and automation systems from basic assemblies to complete robotic automation units.


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