Macraigor Systems Provides On-Chip Debug Solutions With Full GNU Toolset Support for ARM 1136, iMX31 and Intel 81342 Dual Core XScale Processors

o Engineers building applications for new ARM11 technology-based processors will be able to quickly and efficiently debug their hardware and software designs

SANTA CLARA, CA-October 4, 2005-Macraigor Systems has ported its proprietary On-Chip Debug Technology, OCDemon, to the ARM 1136, iMX31 and Intel Dual XScale 81342 processors and is now offering full GNU toolsets to be used with these processors and Macraigor Systems interfaces.

Engineers developing applications for these new processors can control and debug their hardware designs and application software without the use of other system resources such as UARTs, Ethernet channels or parallel ports.
In addition to support from several debuggers, Macraigor is offering a free port of the popular 6.3 version GNU toolkit (gcc, gas and gdb) for these processors on its website at

Macraigor's JTAG interface devices are immediately available for the ARM7, ARM9, ARM11 and Intel XScale processor families. Fully installable versions of the GNU toolkits for both Windows and Linux are immediately available.
These include demo programs allowing the end-user to be up and running within minutes of the installation. Also available on the Macraigor website is a version of OcdRemote, allowing users to use other versions of the GNU toolset with Macraigor's hardware.

"Macraigor Systems is committed to providing hardware/software JTAG debug interface solutions for all current and future ARM/XScale technology-based processors," said managing partner James MacGregor.

GNU Toolkit
GDB/Insight, the GNU Project debugger, allows the developer to see what is going on inside another program while it executes or to view what another program was doing at the moment it crashed. GDB performs four main functions to help catch bugs in the act:
· Starts a program, specifying anything that might affect its
· Makes a program stop when predetermined conditions exist
· Examines what has happened when a program has stopped
· Changes variables in a program so a developer can experiment with
correcting the effects of one bug and go on to learn about another.

GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection, includes front ends for C and C++ ARM compilers. The GNU Assembler, part of the GNU Tools software suite, is the assembler used to convert ARM assembly language source code into binary object files.

Pricing & Availability
The free GNU toolkit downloads for the ARM 1136, iMX31 and Intel dual XScale-core processors are immediately available at

About Macraigor Systems
Macraigor Systems LLC is a leading supplier of boundary scan-based hardware debug and BDM/JTAG connection solutions for on-chip debugging of 32 and 64-bit embedded microprocessors. Macraigor Systems' solutions are designed for price-sensitive customers. These solutions include a suite of software tools that support Windows 9x, NT, ME, XP, 2000 and Linux host systems.

Macraigor Systems supports all major embedded microprocessor architectures, including AMD, ARM, CPU32 Series, PowerPC, MIPS and the XScale microarchitecture. For more information about Macraigor products, please visit


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