Maclan Corporation Increases CNC Capabilities

Lakeland, FL - Maclan Corporation, a longtime leader in the polyurethane and rubber products industry, has made major investments in new machinery that allow them to meet the increased demand for their products, which range from roller coaster wheels to rubber linings and dredge hoses.

"We have dramatically increased CNC turning capabilities," said Maclan spokesperson Maegan Wallace.  "With our new turning center, our range has grown; we can now turn pieces from 1/8 inches to 20 inches in diameter, and our capacity has doubled," she stated.

"Our CNC milling has been expanded to incorporate 4th axis capabilities along with our manual lathes that can turn up to 36 inches with an overall length of 21 feet," she added.

Each new machine offers a host of capabilities. "The entire series of new state-of-the-art machines significantly expands our product line – and the possibilities – even further," according to Maclan President Phil Lane.

The combination of industry-leading machines and Maclan's dedicated quality control and inspections process make for an unbeatable formula of accuracy, stability, productivity, and reliability that has served Maclan's customers well for 37 years. 

"The quest for quality is behind our family’s continuing reinvestment in cutting edge technology," Lane stated.

In addition to the latest CMM inspection equipment, Maclan also offers a Flow Mach II Water Jet that allows for precise cutting of any material with 0.005-0.020 tolerance depending on material and thickness.

Maclan is a one-stop shop with a 10 acre complex of departments including urethane, rubber, machine, fabrication, sandblasting and paint shops.  Visit their website at to learn more or request a fast, free quote.

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