M.P. Electronics Announces Latest Firmware Upgrade to SC2000 and SC1000

M.P. Electronics announces its latest firmware revision for its SC1000 and SC2000 Controllers. For the SC2000 Controller, the latest firmware is Version 11, and for the SC1000 Controller, the latest firmware is Version 9.

This latest version provides the following three new features:

First, the end user now has the ability to remotely control the level input signal. With parameter F19 set to option "4", the SC2000 Controller and the SC1000 Controller will follow the level signal value written to SCADA register 40025.

Second, the end user now the ability to select internal time values for time based alternation of the pumps. Parameter 51 now allows the end user to enter a time clock range of 0 to 255, where the value for each digit entered equals 1/6 hour. (For example, entering a "6" into Parameter 51 would result in a time based alternation delay of 1 hour.)

Third, the end user can now remotely control the Flush Cycle via SCADA by momentarily setting coil 139 of SCADA register 40009 to start the Flush Cycle remotely. To stop the Flush Cycle remotely, the end user momentarily sets coil 140 of SCADA Register 40009.

These latest features added to our flagship controllers are customer requested changes. This keeps the SC1000 and SC2000 Level Controllers loved by our loyal customers, with features that make these Controllers versatile and simple to use.

To purchase this product, please contact M.P. Electronics at 407-299-3825, or visit our website www.mpelectronics.com for our list of Distributors.

M.P. Electronics is located in the Central Florida city of Apopka. We offer a full line of Industrial Controls, designed and manufactured here at our Apopka facility, where we offer excellent customer service, technical support, and product availability. Our Business hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, EST.

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