M&H Has Worked with Allison A/S, Denmark, on Their Innovative Range of Hand Wash Products

M&H has worked with Allison A/S, Denmark, on their innovative range of hand wash products called Scandinavian Purity designed by Jacob Jensen, known worldwide for iconic design synonymous with Scandinavian simplicity. 

Allison A/S is one of the largest manufacturers in Scandinavia within the personal care sector, well known for its high quality products.   M&H worked in partnership with Allison to create an exclusive custom-moulded handwash product contained in a soap dispenser which was inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle.  The elegant soap dispenser is injection moulded in 2 parts containing a refillable blowmoulded dispenser. 

The collection comprises four 200ml variants - Black Rock, Crystal White, Grey Platin and Red Rosso, each formulated with delicate notes of natural fragrance.

M&H is delighted to have been part of the team which helped to create this inspirational collection of personal care products which is sold exclusively by Allison.

M&H has a full custom moulding service for exclusive designs and virtually everything is conducted in-house, on site – from concept design, through toolmaking, production, artwork and decoration.

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