Lutron Maestro Wireless® Controls and Radio Powr Savr(TM) Wireless Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor Set a Higher Performance Standard

Ideal for Retrofits or New Construction; Provide Quick and Easy Installation

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc., a leader in the design and manufacturing of light and shade control solutions, presents Maestro Wireless® local lighting controls and Radio Powr Savr(TM), a wireless occupancy/vacancy sensor with unparalleled sensitivity and the ability to be retrofitted into any space without re-wiring.

Radio Powr Savr(TM) can be installed quickly and easily. By simply placing the sensor on the ceiling and replacing a standard light switch with a compatible Lutron Maestro dimmer or switch, facility managers, contractors and homeowners can now retrofit a space in minutes to save both energy and money. No wiring is required to the sensor, making it especially effective in applications where traditional wired sensors are difficult to install.

Equipped with Lutron XCT(TM) Technology, Radio Powr Savr uses precise algorithms to enable the device to detect fine motions and reliably distinguish them from background noise or interference that causes false ons/offs in other sensors. This enhanced signal processing enables Radio Powr Savr to keep the lights on when someone is typing, writing or flipping pages and to turn the lights off only when the space is truly empty.

Maestro Wireless® switches and controllers operate via radio frequency, allowing them to be quickly and easily installed without the need for sophisticated programming or additional wiring.

Saving Energy with Radio Powr Savr

Radio Powr Savr saves energy by turning lights off when a room is unoccupied-a simple act that can save up to $85 per year. Combining a compatible Lutron dimmer with the sensor allows the user to automatically turn lights on to a dimmed level rather than to full-on, saving even more energy.

Depending on the overall system configuration, Radio Powr Savr can reduce lighting electricity usage by 25 to 40 percent in a given space, making it ideal for conference rooms, spaces where automatic lighting shut-off is desirable.

Enhancing Long-term Flexibility While Reducing Renovation Costs

The Maestro Wireless control system also includes the new Pico® wireless control that can communicate with up to 10 Maestro Wireless dimmers or switches. The Pico wireless control can be surface mounted at virtually any desired wall location to provide convenient control of lights without the need to pull wiring through floors, ceilings or walls. Over the life of the building, many spaces can be reconfigured without the need to re-wire the lighting controls, saving significant time and money. local lighting controls.

About Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. (

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc, headquartered in Coopersburg, Pa., is the world leader in the design and manufacture of light control solutions for both residential and commercial applications. The company offers a wide variety of lighting controls, whole-home and whole-building dimming systems, and electronically controlled shading solutions. Lutron products save energy, increase space flexibility, and enhance occupant comfort and productivity, making them essential to any home and building.

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