Ludwig Patent to Broadcast HD "Digital Smart Radio"

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. - Ludwig Enterprises, Inc.'s (LUDG: OTC) Board of Directors announces it has received positive response to its patent application known as "Multiple Data Channel Transfer using a single data stream". This revolutionary radio receiver technology is intended to provide high quality digital audio to listeners.

The technology in the Patent is unique in that it utilizes a "carousel" that interleaves information streams in a repeating pattern for inclusion into a digital video broadcast.

The term carousel was applied because the content of the transmission stream is provided in a cyclic fashion. Carousels are commonly depicted as a circle, wherein each piece of content takes a set position on the circumference of the circle, the circle then rotates.

In the case of the Ludwig Enterprises data carousel the uniqueness of the carousel is defined by multiple digital audio programs, not just one digital audio channel as is normal in digital television.

This transmission will be received by Ludwig's new multi-function "Digital Smart Radio" receiver called "TheOne(TM) Radio". Further information on the receiver can be obtained at the Ludwig website.

ABOUT LUDWIG ENTERPRISES, INC. - Ludwig Enterprises, Inc., (LUDG), is a revolutionary broadcasting company. Ludwig's goal is to offer to Ethnic specific groups and Senior citizens content which have been excluded from today's commercial broadcasters. The company is part of the digital conversion of radio from traditional (analogue). Ludwig' technology is designed to be all digital, all the time, in all locations; rivaling the quality existent on HD or satellite radio.

Ludwig Enterprises, Inc. will deploy the first U.S. national multi-cultural radio network. Taking advantage of an underserved markets. Ludwig can capture the 30 million foreign born listeners that together wield formidable economic clout. In the past decade, the combined buying power of this group more has than tripled its 1990 level of $456 billion and exceeds $1.5 trillion.

The company has developed and patented a new radio transmission method. Ludwig's "The One" radio receives its signals from the new Digital Television Stations (ATSC also known as HD-TV). The radios receive 50 channels of audio. Ludwig's programming consists of 40 channels of ethnic talk radio (Filipino, Pakistani, Hebrew, Chinese, Greek, Russian and many more). The remaining channels include, in English, old time radio shows, 24-hour news without commentary, audio books, educational and religious program as well as a classical music.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Ludwig Enterprises, Inc. as well as corporate structure and stock capitalization can be viewed on or at

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