Lucasey Manufacturing Announces:The LC4X4DS2 Wall Mount for LED HD TVs

Oakland, California, - The new LC4X4DS2 wall mount is the best mount to use with the new lighter larger LED HD flat screen TVs. This mount features a 400mm VESA mounting pattern that fits monitors up to 55" weighing under 75Lbs. The dual articulating wall arms allow the monitor to be pulled out from the wall up to 25 inches or pushed back to the wall with only a 3-1/4" projection.

This new articulating wall mount from Lucasey provides a clean elegant solution for alcove or recessed wall applications where the monitor needs to be pulled out for service. The triple pivot points allow the monitor to be positioned as needed and viewed from different angles in the room. The double stud wall frame and mount are designed to hold more than four times the mount load limit while mounting to two studs. This new product from Lucasey provides a solution for the latest HD LED TVs that are lighter and larger than the previous generations of plasma's and LCD TVs.

The same 400mm VESA mounting plate used for the LC4X4DS2 wall mount can also be used for ceiling and other wall mounting applications. Contact Lucasey if you have any mounting application where a different mount is needed.

ABOUT LUCASEY MANUFACTURING - Lucasey Manufacturing has been the leader in the TV mounting industry since 1954 and holds exclusive patents on many of the standard mounting technologies used in the industry today. Lucasey Manufacturing has sold millions of mounts over the years to the lodging industry, hospitals, schools, airports and anyone that wants the best mount made.

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