Low Scrap Prices Makes Industrial Surplus More Valuable

One service that Select Recovery Services provides is pre-demolition site visit consulting to evaluate existing equipment that may have value beyond scrap recycling. According to recycling industry analysts at Scrap Price Bulletin, "Prices have not been this low heading into a February market in 13 years." With this being the trend now is the time to explore every possible option to get the maximum value on your demolition project. While there are times when scrap value is high and project schedules are tight and it may be advantageous to wholesale scrap everything on a demo site, there are also many times when, with a little planning and coordination, bringing in someone pre-demo to identify and evaluate other possible revenue streams like selling surplus items that have a higher value for re-use than they do for recycling. While some larger items may seem to obviously have value in the resale market, the perceived value may or may not be as high as the ACV (actual cash value) which is what someone will pay for that item in the real world. Equally so, some items that seemingly are valueless can in reality be worth something and in some cases worth a lot. Having someone with not just long term experience in the asset recovery business but someone who understands the current trends of industrial surplus valuation is invaluable to a demolition project's success on making the most revenue on a job.

Most demolition project managers have one priority. To complete the job in the safest, most cost effective and timely manner as they can. Many times they have an overwhelming amount of details to keep track of and consider and may not have the time or resources to adequately pursue many options for marketing equipment that may have value beyond scrap. They may have a few old standbys they call to try to sell some items or if they are fortunate their company may have a person dedicated to that task. Usually this isn't the case. Timing requires them to get the equipment in and get going. That is where Select Recovery Services can help. We have the experience, the knowledge and the network to help. They can do pre-demolition inspection to evaluate and identify things that could help the bottom line. This can even be done during a bidding process as they would come in with your company, as a part of your team, and come up with a proposal to purchase or broker items available. This can be seen as "money in your pocket" in regards to how you bid the project. Knowing you have that proposal as a revenue stream allows you to bid the other parts as competitively as you think you need to.  

Select Recovery Services, working on your timeline and within your safety rules and procedures would then come on site and do removal of these items ahead of the actual demo. They would have items of value safely taken out of the line of fire so to speak so the demolition equipment and operators can do what they do best. With extensive experience in this area plus the security of $5 million dollar liability insurance you can be assured of project success. Items of value may include electrical distribution equipment, plant support equipment (pumps, HVAC, boilers, waste water treatment), spare parts from cribs and storage, raw materials or many other things. Items both large and small are evaluated to give you the best opportunity to maximize your returns on these projects. Select Recovery Services has an extensive list of completed projects both large and small to give you confidence in their abilities. They travel to job sites to meet your representative there to evaluate the opportunities at no cost to your company. Located in central Indiana SRS has been involved in projects in IN, IL, OH, MI, WI, KY, TN, WV, NY, NH, PA, NJ, MO, TX, GA and AL and is willing to look at projects elsewhere.

You are good at demolition. Select Recovery Services is good at re-marketing surplus industrial equipment and parts. A partnership between you and SRS is an optimal way to insure the best chance for success and growth as you move forward. Contact Select Recovery Services at 800-697-0311 and ask for Kevin or Rob and let them discuss how they might partner with your company to turn those assets in success.

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