Loss of Productivity from Disruption?

May 31, 2017 - The Universal Stopper® is an indoor/outdoor polycarbonate cover which offers excellent protection against false fire alarms, physical damage (both accidental and intentional), dust and grime as well as severe environments inside and out.

Preventing false fire alarms saves possible municipal fees, disruption, lost revenue, and a loss of productivity from employees, staff members and/or students.

The clear cover protects dual action pull stations without restricting legitimate operation. When the cover is lifted to gain access to the actual alarm, a piercing warning horn sounds. Immediate attention is drawn to the area and the prankster will either run or be caught before a false alarm is pulled.

This UL/cUL Listed cover is flush mounted. Many other mounting options, colors and labels are available.

To order or for more sales information on the STI Universal Stopper (STI-13020FR) or the complete Universal Stopper series, call 800-888-4784, fax 248-673-1246, email info@sti-usa.com or visit www.sti-usa.com.

STI’s address is:

2306 Airport Road,

Waterford, MI 48327-1209.

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