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Washington Mills Electro Minerals - Niagara Falls, NY

Original Press Release

Looking for a Reliable Supplier of White Fused Alumina?

Press release date: Feb 07, 2012

Are you single sourced and thinking about working with a second supplier? Are you experiencing long lead times for material or unhappy with the quality? If so, look no more!

Washington Mills has been producing Duralum(TM) Special White (our trademark white fused alumina) for the refractory and investment cast industry for over 50 years. We retain total process control over the entire manufacturing process of Duralum Special White(TM) from start to finish. We carefully select the raw materials that we use and closely monitor the furnace process in order to produce the highest quality white fused alumina crude. We further process the crude into a wide range of coarse splits and on upward to -325 mesh as well as single grit sizes.

Contact Washington Mills today to learn more about our Duralum Special White and find out how we can supply your refractory or investment cast needs. To speak with a specialist, please contact us at info@washingtonmills.comor toll free at 800-828-1666 and ask to speak with Brian Hauer.

About Washington Mills

Washington Mills started manufacturing abrasives in the U.S in 1868 and over 140 years later, we continue to manufacture high quality abrasives and serve thousands of customers around the world. We carefully select the raw materials we use to make our products and our in house laboratory tests all of our products during and after production to ensure our products meet the highest quality standards.