Locking Devices & Shrink Discs from Ondrives

A high quality range of locking devices and shrink discs is available from precision engineered components specialist, Ondrives Ltd.

There are many different types and sizes of locking devices available and are most suitable for a shaft/hub connection. They combine the advantages of a no-play clamped connection that is detachable with a high capacity for torque transmission and minimum structural and manufacturing requirements of the system to be clamped.

Particularly noteworthy are the self-centring features of the element and the low notch effect. In this way the clamping sets permit the simplest and most elegant construction with shaft/hub connection. In addition, customers gain from the high cost/benefit ratio. Detailed information on the uses and ideal applications of these products and other shaft/hub connections can be obtained from Ondrives Ltd.

Ideal applications include:

o Gears

o V-belt pulleys

o Sprockets

o Belt pulleys

o Couplings

o Levers

For most applications, the shrink discs allow for high margins of error during installation. Within the usual safety factors, they can be considered pretty much indestructible, the company states. 24mm to 350mm bores and torque ranges of 170 to 500,000Nm are available in the shrink disc range as standard.

Written by Amanda Laughton, Marketing Manager, Ondrives Ltd

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