LNS Group: 40 Years of Innovation and Growth

• Four decades of success: The Swiss LNS Group, world market leader in machine tool peripherals, celebrates its 40th anniversary.

• The brand-new entry level bar feeder Alpha 552 will make its Europe debut at EMO Hannover (hall 17/D16). LNS will also showcase other novelties such as the Fox WT700 air filtration system, the Fox SC500 spray cabin and the Quick Load Servo III MI.

• To further intensify R&D and innovation, LNS opened a research lab in the headquarters in Orvin (Switzerland).

Orvin (Switzerland) – Once a small local company in a picturesque village in the Swiss Jura, now a worldwide leading enterprise with 800 employees and nine production facilities around the globe. Once a producer of bar feeders, now the machine tool industry’s One-Stop-Shop, offering a wide range of peripherals from bar feeders and chip conveyors all the way to air filtration and high pressure coolant systems. “In the 40 years of its existence, LNS always kept growing. The development of new products and the expansion into new markets went hand-in-hand”, explains Philippe Scemama, Chairman of the Board of LNS. The company, founded in 1973, expanded its operations to Germany in 1974 and to the USA in the mid-1980s. “One of the main drivers for expansion was our commitment to first class customer service. We want to be close to our customers and provide the best service possible. More than 150 technicians on the ground prove that every day”, says Mr. Scemama. At the same time, the LNS Group aimed to diversify its product range and address bigger markets. The years 2000 and 2002 marked milestones in this strategy. “With the acquisition of the Taiwanese company Fedek in 2000, LNS began its very successful activities in Asia. And with the purchase of Turbo Systems two years later, LNS started to produce and offer chip management products - that was the key step to become a One-Stop-Shop in the industry.”

One-Stop-Shop around the globe

Today, the LNS Group is the global leader in automating machine tools. “We support our customers with a wide range of peripheral products to optimize their efficiency in all of their key markets. And we want to guarantee flawless service wherever our customers are”, explains Gilbert Lile, CEO of the LNS Europe Business Unit. At the same time, LNS remains dedicated to Switzerland, the place where it all started. Mr. Lile: “The LNS Group’s research and development is driven mainly from Switzerland. We recently opened up a dedicated lab in Orvin and expanded our R&D team. We want to remain one step ahead when it comes to innovation and secure our position as world market leader.”

EMO Hannover: new products in the spotlight

At the EMO trade show in Hannover (16-21 September 2013), LNS will showcase the new Alpha 552 bar feeder for the first time in Europe. The entry level bar feeder’s main characteristic is its outstanding reliability. A mechanical beam gives the bars optimum stability; long guiding elements provide optimal guiding and dampening. A reinforced front leg guarantees improved rigidity. “The Alpha 552 can process bars with a diameter range from 5-52mm and a length up to 4.2 meters”, says Samuel Ventron, LNS Europe Product Department Manager. Other products on display at the LNS booth (Hall 17/D16) are the newly designed oil mist collector Fox WT700 and the Fox SC500 spray cabin. “The Fox WT700, exclusively shown at EMO, is the first model of the WT product range that will be available at the beginning of 2014 and replace the WS series. We did not only improve the design, but also the performance, ergonomics and the lifetime of the filters”, explains Mr. Ventron. “With the development of the SC500 spray cabin, we want to contribute to providing a healthy, clean and safe work environment. The SC500 convinces with high efficiency filtration, low noise level and its mobile and compact design.”

At the Mazak booth (Hall 27/C61) visitors will see a Quick Load Servo III bar feeder together with a new Integrex multi-tasking machine. The Quick Load Servo III MI and the CNC will be interconnected with an innovative Ethernet connection to optimize communication and improve productivity.

LNS Social Responsibility: Make a Difference!

LNS celebrates its 40th anniversary in a special way: The many LNS business units around the globe help a local community or support a local project by giving time and effort. “Our employees around the globe help locally, in the communities of the LNS offices and factories”, says Thomas Boehmer, CEO of the LNS Group. The LNS employees offered a significant number of ideas: Projects include cleaning pre-school classes in Italy, repairing houses of underprivileged families in the United States, painting primary school walls in Taiwan, financial help for an unfortunate family with a father of young kids in a coma after an accident, and many more. In Switzerland, LNS employees supported the European Leukodystrophy Association (ELA).

About the LNS Group: LNS was founded in 1973 in Orvin, Switzerland. It has 800 employees and nine production facilities located in Switzerland, North America, the UK, Turkey, Italy, China, Taiwan and Japan. To this day, more than 120’000 bar feeders and 100’000 conveyors have been installed by LNS worldwide. “Our mission is to reinforce LNS as the global leader in automating machine tools with an advanced array of peripheral products including bar feeders, chip conveyors, coolant systems, air filtration and other products”, says Mr. Philippe Scemama, Chairman of the Board of LNS. More information at www.LNS-group.com

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