Living Water Studios Uses Industrial Water Jet Cutting Technology to Express Faith, Good Humor through Art

KENT, Wash. - In a unique fusion of faith, artistry and manufacturing technology, Living Water Studios of Kent, Wash., has found an enduring new purpose for its parent company's industrial water jet cutting machines. These high-tech machines, which normally are abuzz cutting titanium aircraft parts and other components at the Pegasus Northwest water jet shop, have found a second calling sharing the water jet company's Christian faith through stunning works of art.

Sequestered in a quiet loft not far from Pegasus Northwest's five pulsing Jet Edge waterjet cutting machines, Living Water Studios is a surprising respite within an otherwise bustling manufacturing facility. The Christian art studio opened in late 2009, the inspiration of Pegasus Northwest President Tim Schober, who wanted to share his faith through artistic signs fashioned from a sister company's unique architectural resin product, Lumicor®. Lumicor is a translucent material made from R4 recycled resins that incorporates natural elements such as leaves, reeds, grass, silks, metal and glass as an inter layer.

Living Water Studios makes its Lumicor signs by cutting small panels out of Lumicor, which is pre-drilled on the waterjet to prevent delamination, then hand cut with a router. To minimize material waste, the studio uses pieces of Lumicor that have been salvaged from flawed panels, cutting around the flaws. It uses a vinyl plotter to apply Christian sayings or humorous expressions to the surface in vinyl lettering, creating works of art that appeal to the eye as well as to the soul or funny bone.

Since launching its initial Lumicor products, Living Water's creative team has expanded its product line under the artistic direction of designer Konstantin Voyevodin. The studio now offers "Statements in Stone" rock art that has been "chiseled" in stone by a 60,000 psi computer-controlled waterjet cutter as well as metal artwork that breathes new life to remnant material from the water jet shop that otherwise might have been scrapped.

Nothing is wasted in the waterjet shop, not even the worn-out work surface slats from the waterjets themselves, says Ron Palstring, general manager of Pegasus Northwest and Living Water Studios. Living Water Studios has cleverly repurposed its waterjet slats as rusted metal artwork, saving them from the scrap bin.

"We have been doing a lot of experimenting here," Palstring noted. "It's amazing what you can come up with when you have five brains working on it. We have a lot of customers who like the look of rusted metal, so the slats were a perfect choice. We took a look at a few designs, made some samples, and everyone loved them!"

Palstring credits waterjet technology for allowing Living Water Studios unlimited artistic possibilities.

"The waterjet is limitless," he said. "We can design Statements in Stone rock art that weighs 50 pounds and is 1foot long or we can get creative and use 500 pounds rocks that are 5 feet long. It is because of the waterjet that we are able to create unique products that you cannot find anywhere else."

Living Water Studios artwork is available at The company also sells its products at Christian gift shows around the country and plans to sell through retail stores and churches as it continues to grow. Its recycled water jet slat artwork will be available soon on

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