Linemaster Hercules RF Foot Control with Handle

Linemaster introduces a new handle option for the Industrial RF Wireless Hercules foot control.  Three standard off the shelf models are available with the positioning handle, SP-831-111100XA (single function), SP-831-111201XA (two function), and SP-831-111302XA (three function).  After being attached, the RF Hercules Handle stands about 3 feet tall when measured from the top of the foot guard.  The handle is constructed of robust cold rolled steel and is painted with a smooth black electro-coat finish.  The handle is equipped with a ball knob at the top to provide added grip when maneuvering the foot control.  This handle eliminates the need to bend down and pick up the foot switch to transport it throughout your facility.

The RF Hercules with handle can be used in many different applications such as metal working, pipe threading, tube cleaning, food processing and numerous others.  Options include special labeling or paint finish, anti-trip treadle mechanism, and gated models.


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