Linde Showcases Technology for Temperature and Process Control - Before and After Baking

MURRAY HILL N.J. and NEW PROVIDENCE, N.J. – Addressing the needs of wholesale bakeries, Linde North America is showcasing a range of state-of-the-art cryogenic technology for precision temperature and process-quality control before and/or after baking.  Linde process experts will be available during the International Baking Industry Expo (IBIE), October 6-9, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, booth #6630.

Linde offers technology solutions that can make a positive impact on process quality across the baking operation, from mixing to final packaging.  The process solutions use high-purity, food-grade carbon dioxide (CO(2)) or nitrogen (N(2)), and span: flour and dry-ingredient chilling systems, mixer chilling systems, continuous chill or freeze processing systems, and modified atmosphere packaging systems.

"Wholesale bakeries know they must pay attention to process quality year round, and especially when production increases or the service area is expanded and places new demands on shelf-life," says Ed Cordiano, Linde program manager for Bakery & Prepared Foods. "Linde can build greater control into processes for higher repeatability even at high volumes. This leads to more consistent quality and better freshness out of the package - things that keep retail bakeries, restaurants and consumers coming back."

Coles Quality Foods, Inc., for example, recently installed a Linde flour chilling system at its North Liberty, Iowa, facility.  The system uses a special CO(2) injection system to control the flour temperature flowing into the mixer to +/- 1 degree F of the set point.  This improves temperature consistency at the mixer -- as well as downstream processes for Coles' signature twisted bread products.  In addition, Coles also utilizes a cryogenic spiral freezer, an efficient, high-quality freezing system to meet demands across their product lines.

"The importance of brand quality and a better understanding of the technology are leading more bakeries to consider cryogenic solutions," Cordiano says. Cryogenic tunnels and spiral freezers, for example, can freeze high volumes of baked goods at a precise rate which protects the internal cell structure for better taste and texture profile. Crust freezing also protects toppings and the surface quality of breads and other baked goods for a more consistent appearance. "Bakery managers are often surprised by the difference in the quality of their finished products, especially when switching from mechanical freezing and ice chilling methods."

System Optimization

Cordiano says process engineering can make a difference in operating costs, and Linde works with bakeries to optimize process parameters. In fact, the in-line chilling system can be validated for customer-specific ingredient(s) prior to installation. Through joint efforts between Linde and Shick, trials can be conducted at Shick's test facility in Kansas City, MO. And he emphasizes that new cryogenic chillers and freezers introduced over the past few years "provide efficiencies never seen before in our industry." For example, the new Cryoline® XF spiral freezer features a patented cross-flow air design for more consistent temperatures across the belt. Baked items travel through the spiral freezer in a compartment shaped like a cylinder rather than a box. "The new design improves heat transfer efficiency, so the freezer can improve throughput by 10 percent or more, in a footprint smaller than that of a traditional box spiral," he says.

Linde offers a comprehensive range of food-grade gas technology for bakery processes. New systems can often be completed in a matter of days, and typically include supply lines and venting as well as system optimization and training. Once a bakery implements CO(2) or N(2) for one process, it is easier to capitalize on cryogenic solutions for other baking processes.

"More bakeries now recognize the value of cryogenics and look to invest in the technology as an efficient platform for solving several needs throughout their plant," Cordiano says.

The Linde Food Team performs in-plant assessments and works with bakeries to develop optimal process solutions. For more information, see Linde (, or call: 800-755-9277.  

IBIE 2013, Las Vegas, NV, Oct. 6-9

Visit us at booth #6630

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