Linde Showcases Solutions for Injection Molders

Advanced gas technologies reduce cycle times

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. - Innovation and Emerging Plastics Technologies Conference -- Linde LLC will highlight several of its key process solutions at the upcoming Innovation and Emerging Plastics Technologies Conference. Hosted by Penn State Erie, the conference takes place at the Behrend College's Burke Center, June 22-23.

Developed and patented by Linde, eGAIM delivers supercritical liquid CO2 to cool hollow-channeled parts from the inside. Using CO2 as the gas assist, injection molders can often reduce cooling cycles by more than 25% to 30% compared to cycles using nitrogen. The low investment costs, easy installation, higher production rates, rapid payback and more consistent quality make eGAIM an excellent injection-molding solution for creating new molds and retrofitting existing ones.

"The high-pressure CO2 gas injection contributes to fast, complete mold filling and better surface characteristics for rapid mold release and repeatable quality," said Jim Stanley, Linde program manager for the North American plastics industry.

CO2 Foaming

Linde offers cost-efficient polymer foaming with its inert gas metering units as an eco-friendly and efficient way to introduce physical foaming agents and reduce density of plastic parts. Its specially designed and patented flow regulation equipment ensures a constant CO2 flow rate, even with machine temperature variations or strong pressure fluctuations.

Spot-mold cooling

Linde troubleshoots and assists plastic molders with CO2 spot-mold cooling which provides targeted cooling of mold hot spots more consistently than other mold cooling options. Precisely engineered CO2 spot-cooling systems can help reduce molded-parts costs, or inexpensively add molding capacity without major modifications. Cryogenic spot cooling achieves more uniform cooling across the part geometry, increasing molded part quality and mold-release performance and reducing cycle times.

Precision cooling and pressurizing systems are important for manufacturing  engineered plastics parts for automotive, medical, aerospace, electronics, appliance and military applications.

The Linde plastics team reviews processing challenges and develops solutions for injection-molding, foaming and plastic part painting and coating, as well as for manufacturers and designers of plastics parts. For more information, visit or call 800-755-9277.

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