LINAK Introduces Actuator Solutions for Solar Tracker Movement

LINAK, a leading international manufacturer of DC linear actuator products, introduces a broad family of actuator systems for solar tracking systems.

A solar tracking system is a device for orienting a solar panel, or concentrating a solar reflector or lens, towards the sun. To keep up with other green energies, the solar cell market has to be as efficient as possible, and there are two main ways to make the solar cells more efficient, one is to develop the solar cell material and another way is to optimize the output by installing the solar panels on a tracking base that follows the sun.

In either a single or dual axis tracking systems, LINAK solutions can help increase the output of PV panels up to 40% when compared to fixed mount systems.

The quality and maintenance-free design of LINAK products ensures reduced costs over the long life of the product. The lifetime of the actuators is increased due to the high ingress protection rating, up to IP69, to withstand extreme heat, cold, dust, moisture and UV exposure that might be common in a solar energy application.

In addition, though standard solutions are offered, LINAK excels in creating customized solutions to meet the needs of the customer; from specific load or feedback requirements to integrating electronics inside the actuator.

More information on solutions for tracking systems and LINAK products can be found at

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