Lico 690 and 620 Colorimeter

Lico® 690 Colorimeter is a high performance Spectro-Photometer for professional color measurements of clear, transparent liquids with reference beam technology.

Exact color calculations which conform to several DIN-ISO-ASTM standards or AOCS Methods are done with only one measurement. Traditional visual color values like the iodine color value, Hazen or Gardner are displayed as well as modern color systems, e.g. CIE-L*a*b* or color measurements corresponding to European or US pharmacopeia.

In addition, transmission, absorption measurements and wavelength scans are possible so that the instrument has a multi-purpose in the laboratory or production.


•Â Â  High-resolution touch screen makes measuring easy in routine analysis

•Â Â  Automatic cuvette (cell) recognition

•Â Â  Automatic zero calibration program    

•Â Â  Illuminants A, C and D65

•Â Â  Standard Observer 2° and 10°

•Â Â  AQA function with addista color

•Â Â  Measures up to five ISO/ASTM color scales.

•Â Â  More than 25 color scales included

•Â Â  Password protection, GLP conforming documentation

•Â Â  Results can easily be transferred via USB-Ports or Ethernet

•Â Â  Data logger for

3000 color measurements,

100 color reference values,

1000 photometric measurements,

20 wavelength scans, 20 time scans


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