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Liberty Packaging Company proudly presents a new video about the problems that many manufacturers encounter with corrosion degradation to their products, including a look at the real costs associated with corrosion. The video is directed at manufacturers to help acknowledge these challenges, and provides guidance on how to alleviate the cost of corrosion with ideas that may not have been considered before.

The effects of corrosion are robbing both our products and our economy of their full potential. "Corrosion is an insidious and pervasive phenomenon...corrosion is a problem that all of us confront every day," stated Dan Dunmire from the Office of The US Secretary of Defense in charge of the Corrosion Prevention Program. To support Mr. Dunmire's statement, a 2002 study entitled "Corrosion Cost and Preventive Strategies in the United States," conducted by C.C. Technology Laboratories, estimated the direct cost of corrosion to the United States consumed 3.1% of the gross national product. Concerned with this corrosion problem, the United States Congress passed a law mandating that U.S. governmental departments must have a corrosion control objectives and prevention program in place.

The new Liberty short film asks this question of product manufacturers: "Do you know what you are spending on protecting your goods from corrosion?" The film then looks at the direct costs, such as packaging costs and coatings, but also examines the hidden costs associated with standard corrosion prevention programs, such as the application and removal of protective oils, disposal of non-environmental packaging waste, the non-compliance in International regulations, and the cost of rejected products and/or reworks. Joe Spitz, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Liberty Packaging stated, "In order to have a successful corrosion prevention program, it is important for companies to evaluate all the costs associated with corrosion." Spitz continued, "Lowering a company's cost of goods is essential today when competing globally, and packaging correctly is a responsibility all levels of management."

This video was produced in collaboration with Intercept Technology Group members Engineered Materials, Inc., and Xtend Packaging and can be viewed on YouTube:

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