Leviton Unveils New Branding Venture

Revitalized Look Highlights "ON" In Leviton Name

Little Neck, NY, October 29, 2007 -- Leviton Manufacturing, North America's leading producer of electrical and electronic wiring devices, today unveils a major re-branding initiative that reflects a shift towards a more progressive identity. Central to the re-branding initiative is the replacement of the company's all-blue "Building a connected world" logo with a motif that highlights the "ON" in the Leviton name in a bright green color field. The new, two-color logo and emblazoned "ON" are designed to communicate Leviton's position as a market leader that is prominently positioned on the cutting-edge of the latest technology and trends.

With over a century of industry leadership, Leviton offers customers across all segments of the electrical marketplace a rich tradition as an industry pacesetter. Starting out as a producer of mantle tips for the gas lighting industry in 1906, when electricity was in its infancy, Leviton has expanded its product offering to include thousands of electrical wiring devices, from simple night lights and electrical accessories, to industrial motor-starting and disconnect switches.

The re-branding campaign, developed jointly with Landor Associates, a leading international brand identity company, centers on creating awareness of Leviton's tradition of innovation and excellence and its market-driven, customer-centric orientation. In focus groups, the new brand identity resonated strongly with market segments as diverse as electrical contractors, distributors, interior designers and consumers looking to spruce up their homes with the latest wiring devices and home technology. The focal point of the re-branding theme is the highlighted "on" in the Leviton name.

"It's important to us that Leviton be perceived as a champion and stakeholder in such areas of global importance as ecological sustainability and energy efficiency. Our market-driven business model demands that we make it easy for our customers to transact business with us. Our goal as we progress through our second century in business is to provide the marketplace with top quality products for an increasingly complex world and to support our products with the highest caliber customer service," said Donald J. Hendler, Leviton's President and CEO.

Leviton's new visual identity will be reflected in the new look and feel of its corporate literature, advertising campaigns, in-store merchandising, signage and web presence. It is anticipated that the re-branding initiative will add renewed vitality to Leviton's market identity and build on the company's existing brand equity.
"We have one of the most valuable and recognizable brands in our industry. We intend to build on our past legacy of pioneering innovation and establish a strong emotional connection with the many audience groups we serve," Hendler added.

For more information, contact Leviton Manufacturing, 59-25 Little Neck Parkway, Little Neck, NY 11362, 1-800-323-8920 or visit www.leviton.com.


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